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Broad College Employee Spotlight: Breezy Silver

By Grace Griffin, student writer
Monday, October 23, 2023

Spartans are known for our determination to make a difference, and one way this ethos is brought to life at the Broad College of Business is through our employees. In this Broad College Employee Spotlight Q&A series, get to know the many passionate faculty and staff members across the college.

Breezy Silver headshot

Breezy Silver

Breezy Silver has been a part of the Michigan State University staff since she was a student employee in 1997. Upon graduating with her bachelor’s in Anthropology in 2000, she became a full-time staff member at the MSU Libraries. In December 2008, she moved to the Gast Business Library and has accomplished so much during her time here. In her current role as interim director and collections coordinator, she is responsible for the management of the Business Library, which includes a staff of more than 20 people, including 18 student employees.

She acts as a liaison to the college by mentoring Broad Spartans with research questions and providing instructions on library resources to classes of hospitality and supply chain management majors. In another part of her role, collections coordinator, she is responsible for the purchases of library resources such as databases and books. Silver works directly with the vendors to establish an annual license for the library and the college and ensures that the Gast Library is filled with the materials it needs to aid in students’ success.

Broad News: What inspired you to begin working at Michigan State University?

Silver: I started working at MSU as a student employee in the Main Library years ago. It went from a student job to a career when I found I liked the library and working with people on campus.

Broad News: What do you like most about being an employee at the Broad College?

Silver: I’ve really enjoyed meeting many kind people in the college throughout my years working in the Business Library.

Broad News: What motivates you or renews your commitment to MSU on a regular basis?

Silver: Seeing the positive impact I can have, whether that is with my work with the Business Library and my team or helping students and faculty/staff in the college. It reminds me why I love my job. I’m proud of my team in the Business Library and what we’re able to accomplish.

Broad News: What are you most looking forward to this academic year?

Silver: I’m hoping we can get more students to learn about the Business Library and come visit us. We love visitors!

“I started working at MSU as a student employee in the Main Library years ago. It went from a student job to a career when I found I liked the library and working with people on campus.”

Broad News: What’s been one high point of your time at the Broad College?

Silver: A few years ago, I presented secondary data research to a class. The faculty member emailed saying how wonderful it was, but most importantly, what a difference it made for the students with their employers. The employers were impressed with the students’ research skills. It was gratifying to learn what a big difference my presentation had made and that employers had noticed. We normally don’t get that kind of feedback.

More recently, I was able to get access to both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times websites for the university. I’m especially excited by these based on the sheer size of the impact and that they are beneficial both personally and educationally to so many people across campus. No MSU person needs to pay for access individually, and the content can be used in classes. On a related note, I’ve just completed another subscription for a high-value dataset in Wharton Research Data Services from the American Hospital Association that I’m quite certain will be beneficial to the college and across campus. I was told that folks in the college had been wanting this dataset for years, and the library got it!

Broads News: What is one fun fact about you?

Silver: I’m named after the movie Breezy. My mom watched the movie, loved the name, and when I came along, she had her opportunity to use it. It was quite weird while watching the movie to have someone call out “Breezy” and not have them calling me.

Broad News: What advice would you give someone new at Broad?

Silver: The college is huge. It’s OK not to know everyone. It may feel intimidating, but attend events and introduce yourself to folks. You’ll find someone willing to chat. Say hi if you see me!

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