Seems like everyone wants to lead, doesn’t it? And the world knows it. Search Google for the term “leadership” and you’ll be directed to a mind-numbing selection of books, blogs, articles and apps. Some of the sources and tools are good, some bad and some in between. It’s hard to know the difference.

Broad Enterprise Leadership AcademyIn the Broad College Executive MBA program, we know the difference. We’ve heard from students and alumni about the need to become a leader. So we took that input and added our 50+ years of developing organizational leaders to design an experience that creates a different type of leader: one we call enterprise leaders. You see, during those 50 years, we’ve learned that leadership is more than a title. It’s a way of approaching results that is less about individual glory and more about collective success. At Broad, we call this philosophy enterprise leadership.

At its core, enterprise leadership asserts that anyone can lead, regardless of their title or their spot on the org chart. In the Broad EMBA, we deliver this philosophy through a set of diverse, integrated experiences and resources. We call these activities our Broad Enterprise Leadership Academy. What differentiates the Academy from other leadership training? Outcomes. We focus on outcomes, including these:

  • Actionable insights on your leadership style
  • Practical knowledge on how you can create sustained results for you and your organization
  • A broader perspective on how you can deliver organizational success with and through others
  • A personalized plan for your own development

Every individual is different, and the Broad Enterprise Leadership Academy challenges students to invest in their unique leadership journey. We challenge students to pause, reflect and apply the learning in real time. As one current student noted, “The entire process was really fantastic. To me it was so far a highlight of the program.”

This program-long experience allows students the chance to

  • Collaborate with peers on your progress and theirs.
  • Apply learning actively to your organization.
  • Connect with senior leaders and alumni.
  • Influence for team achievement.
  • Deliver individual and organizational success.

Another student said, “I’ve been in leadership training before where concepts are discussed in detail but rarely applied effectively. The biggest benefit for me was the tangible actions that I was able to take to address that spotted weaknesses and blind spots.”

The Broad Enterprise Leadership Academy can be a life-changing part of your Executive MBA experience. Don’t believe me? Just Google it.