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Be a part of a transformational experience.

Whether you’re a current or aspiring executive, the Broad Executive MBA will give you the competitive edge you need to get ahead. Get ready to discover a truly life-altering, career-changing experience.

Executive MBA students walk away from our MBA program absolutely transformed. After graduation, they have the tools, the knowledge and the expertise they need to excel in their careers and soar to new professional heights.

Work as a team

Collaboration is essential in today’s business world. That’s why we take a collaborative approach to learning, allowing students to collaborate with the same cohort of professionals for duration of the program to understand each project from multiple perspectives, grow from the strengths of others and build long-lasting professional relationships.

We carefully design teams of four to six people to ensure that each group will have diverse perspectives, while maintaining a balance of knowledge and experience across teams. Teams determine when and how they meet, often leveraging technology to ease the coordination of their busy schedules. This concept of joining a program, as opposed to taking classes, distinguishes us from typical part-time MBAs.

Build real-world skills

Because our unique team-based program mirrors the actual business world, you’ll develop critical real-world skills like negotiation, communication and collaboration. You’ll learn to leverage one another’s strengths effectively and efficiently. In the end, it all comes together to help propel you forward in your career.

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Make an impact

Michigan State University has a long tradition of outreach, engagement and service learning. The Broad Executive MBA gives students the opportunity to carry out real-world projects with nonprofit organizations to address social or economic problems such as homelessness, hunger, poverty, public health and sustainability.

Student project teams apply their knowledge and experience to address significant business and managerial issues where an independent, outside perspective could be useful. The issues might involve operations, outreach and engagement, human resource management, process improvement, organizational design and strategic planning.

Some of our past clients include Alliance for Housing, Greater Lansing Food Bank, Homeless Action Network of Detroit, Michigan Energy Options and Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency.

Build your network

Nearly 70 percent of new job leads are generated through networking. The Broad Executive MBA gives you the perfect opportunity to build a powerful network. During this intense 20-month program, you’ll have the opportunity to forge professional relationships that are certain to last a lifetime.

From classes and group projects to meals and social events, the Broad Executive MBA is a unique team-based program. Through it all, you’ll have a chance to connect with high-caliber classmates — all first-rate professionals like yourself. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to expand your network to include the thousands of Broad Executive MBA alumni around the world.

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Think global

At MSU, international experience isn’t just a part of the curriculum — it’s a part of our heritage. Michigan State University has been a leader in international programming since 1956, when we became the first major public institution in the U.S. to make international programs a critical part of the university’s mission. Since then, we have emerged as one of the Top 100 global universities, consistently leading the nation in education abroad participation and ranked sixth for international students who chose to study at a U.S. public institution.

The Broad College is at the forefront in global initiatives. In 1990, Broad’s International Business Center (CIBER) was designated a National Resource Center by the U.S. Department of Education. Home to the vast resources of globalEdge, the Global Business Club of Mid-Michigan and headquarters of the Academy of International Business, the Broad College is truly recognized as a worldwide leader in international competencies.

The Broad Executive MBA leverages this international perspective in the curriculum, in the faculty and in the students who join our program. Each year we welcome students from an extensive range of international experiences and educational backgrounds, and our Broad faculty leverage the college’s experience as a part of the culture. Additionally, the curriculum itself features an international requirement in the second residency, where students elect to study International Culture/Strategy in East Lansing or travel abroad via the Global Marketplace.

Global Marketplace

This weeklong global residency typically takes place in April and the course focuses on the opportunities, costs, and risks of conducting business outside the United States. The course highlights a specific region that has a diverse culture and an emerging economy. Students travel to gain first-hand experience with the business and culture of this destination. Advance coursework helps to provide a foundation for learning, and activities during the week abroad focus on presentations by in-country experts and site visits to a range of businesses and industries.

Past Global Marketplace experiences have taken place in diverse destinations around the globe including: South Africa (Johannesburg/Cape Town), Vietnam/Malaysia, Belgium/Netherlands, Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto), Helsinki/Stockholm, Prague/Budapest, Beijing/Shanghai, South Korea, India, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Global Marketplace Blog

Gain a competitive edge

Propel your career with a MBA. It’s been proven that a MBA degree gives professionals an advantage over the competition, allowing them to excel in their careers. Whether you’re looking to enhance your role in your current company or explore new professional horizons, the Executive MBA is the answer to career management.

As a Broad Executive MBA student, you’ll have access to Broad’s career management team, who’ll partner with you to bridge the gap between your current career and your future goals. You will receive assistance in leveraging your professional work experience and your MBA, supporting your efforts to source new opportunities or maximizing opportunities with your current employer.

Whether you’re a mid-level manager or a seasoned professional at the peak of your career, career management will help you learn ways to mitigate economic risk by proactively managing your career and your professional networks.

Broad’s career services have been consistently ranked among top schools by the Financial Times. Take advantage of the resources available to create your ideal professional future, including individual discussion, workshops and insights on:

  • Career exploration, goals and development; professional brand development
  • Resume development and reviewing; cover letter writing
  • LinkedIn profile development
  • Career fair training/pitch development
  • Interviewing (behavioral, situational, case) skills, including mock interviews
  • Leveraging networks (connections through LinkedIn)
  • Working with third-party recruiters (lists)
  • Offer management and negotiation
  • Job search strategies
  • Online career management system for job postings, on-campus recruiting (corporate information sessions, career fairs, corporate-sponsored workshops), employer contacts, password-protected resources, resume book representation (if desired)