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A Broad Executive MBA provides significant rewards and ROI across a variety of metrics.

Learn on Saturday. Apply on Monday. That’s one of the advantages of the Executive MBA at Michigan State. But that is not the only advantage. Our students report a significant growth across multiple learning dimensions including decision making, leadership, critical thinking and team building.

Lifelong returns

48%: Average salary growth after completing the program (Financial Times, 2020).

45%: EMBA students that received a promotion during the program.

15.6%: Average salary increase from the time of program entry to exit.

98%: EMBA students that would recommend the program.

99%: Graduation rate.

*Source: MSU internal data, Financial Times Alumni Survey, and EMBAC annual student survey

Critical Skills Development

Critical Skills Development

Percentage Salary Change- Enter→Exit

Percentage Salary Change: Enter→Exit

Quality Of Program bar graph

Quality of Program

Salary Change 3 Years Post-Grad

Received a Promotion During the Program

How "Likely" Are You to Recommend the Program?