In an increasingly digital and global business world, the Eli Broad College of Business uses digital tools to give its collected knowledge a global reach.

The Broad College is partnering with Bisk Education, Inc. to deliver Broad College executive education programs to businesses and professionals in the United Arab Emirates through the University of Dubai.

Bisk is the online education partner of the Broad College. The initial programming rollout in the UAE will focus on supply chain management and business analytics certificate courses, two subject areas where the Broad College is recognized as a global leader.

Dave Frayer headshot

David Frayer

“This is an exciting initiative for Michigan State University,” said David Frayer, assistant dean for executive development and professional programs at Broad College of Business. “Michigan State University has long seen tremendous interest in these courses from the UAE and the wider Middle East region, so making them more accessible through an agreement with a great institution like the University of Dubai allows us to better meet the needs of the local market.”

Broad College faculty will provide its globally recognized curriculum while UD faculty will work to ensure that the curriculum is applied in a relevant local context.

“Michigan State University is a global leader in supply chain, business, and management research,” said Vidya Nandagopal, director of the Centre for Executive Development at the University of Dubai. “Its expertise is relevant all over the world; however, industry needs may be slightly different in the Middle East compared to the U.S. Our faculty is pleased to work with Michigan State University to deliver even greater relevance for businesses in the region.”

As part of a global online program, participants enrolled through the UD will engage with participants from other markets.

“For many, the notion of an international classroom simply means having students from around the world studying together online,” said Mike Bisk, CEO of Bisk. “The problem is that the orientation of the curriculum is not always so ‘international.'”

“By bringing in academic experts from key regions of the world and having their faculty provide local context, we are delivering a true world view of the Michigan State University subject matter with local application to students in multiple markets,” he said.

The programs to be launched in the UAE through UD are the Global Master Certificate in Integrated Supply Chain Management and the Global Master Certificate in Business Analytics. Each three-course program is designed for industry professionals to enhance and expand their knowledge of each field and to contribute to the reskilling and upskilling needs of the markets.

The first eight-week course in each of these programs will launch April 1.