Billy DownsOn Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017 Career Expo XXXIX welcomed 80 of the nation’s leading hospitality companies with a record-breaking 200 recruiters present, a “powerful” alumni who epitomizes the 2017 theme, The Power of U, with the Mentoring Icon Award. During his keynote address, Downs empowered students through life stories and laughter. Over 650 interviews were held the following day, Wednesday, Nov. 8 at Spartan Stadium.The 2017 Career Expo XXXIX executive team members


The 2017 Career Expo XXXIX executive team members were:

  • Executive Director – Jen Brostowitz
  • Directors of Industry Registration – Audrey Koutny and Kirby Homer
  • Director of Finance – Amy Majercik
  • Directors of Professional Development Programs – Carolyn Chang, Jess Chang, and Mackenzie Sappe
  • Directors of Student Registration – Lauren Zaremba, James Koenig, Kiara Bills, and Sarah Michelson
  • Directors of Corporate Ambassadors – Madison Skornicka, John Lundwall, Nick Marshall, and Haley Moffat
  • Director of Public Relations, Marketing & Research – Sarah Lerche
  • Directors of Marketing – Teddy McKinney and Ashley Simone
  • Director of Social Media – Mikaela Smith
  • Director of Outreach – Dean Zhu
  • Director of Outreach – Vicky Lei
  • Director of Data Analysis – Taylor Kearly