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Department of Supply Chain Management selects interim chairperson

By Chelsea Stein
Thursday, August 11, 2022

Jason Miller, associate professor of supply chain management, will lead the Broad College of Business’ Department of Supply Chain Management as interim chairperson, effective August 2022. Miller will replace Vedat Verter, John H. McConnell Chair in Business Administration, who was the chairperson from 2019 to 2022.

Associate professor Jason Miller in the Minskoff Pavilion

Jason Miller

“It is an honor to be asked to serve in the role, though I must admit, it is intimidating,” Miller said, noting he wasn’t expecting to serve as a department head this early in his career. “Like every new experience I’ve had in academia, this role will be a new learning experience and provide an opportunity to become a more well-rounded faculty member.”

Miller has been with the Broad College since 2016, teaching supply chain management courses to undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students. His insights on consumer supply chain topics are frequently quoted in national media outlets such as NPR Marketplace and the Wall Street Journal, and he provides expert commentary on various issues that affect supply chain practitioners.

Prior to joining Michigan State, Miller was an assistant professor of supply chain management at Colorado State University for two years. He specialized in logistics while earning a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business. Before attending Ohio State, Miller earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from John Carroll University.

Miller’s research examines issues in the for-hire truck transportation industry, including safety, productivity, pricing dynamics, driver turnover and employment. He also conducts macroeconomic research in the manufacturing and retail sectors, with a special emphasis on the disruptive role of imports, tariffs and the COVID-19 pandemic. His work has appeared in top supply chain management journals and has garnered numerous awards including, most recently, the Broad College’s John D. and Dortha J. Withrow Endowed Emerging Scholar Award in 2020.

In his new role, Miller is eager to lead the department through this time of transition while maintaining its reputation of excellence as home to the nation’s No. 1 supply chain management programs.

“The three key tasks I want to accomplish over the next two years are: one, execute successful recruitment efforts for two assistant professor positions for a Fall 2023 start; two, help further embed the Broad College’s strategic themes in our core supply chain courses, especially as it pertains to the digital transformation, by enhancing the amount of work our students do with data; and three, find ways to enhance the revenue-generating capability of our unit,” he said.

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