“I have always believed everyone has something to give. It doesn’t have to be monetary or tangible things,” Pius Mithika, a senior studying finance, said.

Mithika has been able to live by these words, giving back in his own way through the launch of the Msaidizi Initiative. He founded the program five years ago to empower and inspire young children to fight hardships and achieve their dreams. Even amid a global pandemic, he’s been able to make strides through the program to help his home community in Kenya.

“One of our recent initiatives was the empowerment of two under-12 soccer teams from ghettos in Nairobi, Kenya,” he said.

Financial Markets Institute Events and Activities - Mithika Pius FMI Charity Event 1

Through the Msaidizi Initiative, Pius Mithika (center) was able to empower and mentor youth soccer teams in Kenya.

In November, Mithika ventured back home to work alongside volunteers who provided the children with encouragement to help them believe in themselves. “We provided full soccer kits and soccer balls as well as sports mentorship,” Mithika added. To top it off, the event involved one of Kenya’s award-winning gospel musicians: Eko Dydda.

Mithika’s trip to Kenya also involved an inspirational talk series in which he toured local high schools and churches. “The theme was breaking the barriers of impossibility,” he said. “Our discussion was on how [the kids] can break the barriers of impossibilities to become better versions of themselves and achieve their dreams.”

After growing up in Kenya, Mithika chose to attend Michigan State University because of his love for global exposure. This visit home taught him more about personal success than any class could, he said. “I learned that my success cannot be assessed based on how much wealth I will get or career achievements, but by the number of dreams I will inspire out there.”

While at MSU, Mithika has taken advantage of the special programs offered to Spartans, and he’s proud to be a scholar in the Broad College’s Financial Markets Institute.

“It’s usual to hear me mention that applying to the FMI was the best decision I have ever made in my college life,” Mithika said. “FMI has given me a platform I doubt I would have gotten anywhere else as a finance student at MSU.”

Financial Markets Institute Events and Activities - Mithika Pius FMI Charity Event 2

Mithika also conducted a mentorship tour, speaking at local high schools and churches.

FMI Director Dave Hawthorne shared his pride for Mithika’s vision and inspiring efforts. “His philanthropic work in Kenya embodies the spirit of FMI and the Broad College of Business: to give back and to have a lasting impact on our communities, and help those in need,” Hawthorne said.

Leaving a positive impact everywhere he goes is Mithika’s goal, and attending Broad has helped him reach that.

“I hope that I will be a reason someone in Broad will believe in themselves,” he said. “That’s my purpose. It’s through my life in Broad that I met people who have impacted my life positively. I can’t wait to do the same to someone’s life.”

After graduation this spring, Mithika is heading to New York City to join BNP Paribas as a full-time investment banking analyst, where he hopes to continue his positive impact in this new city.

Mithika’s story of mentorship and giving back exemplifies the Spartans Will spirit, showing how determination and individual strength can truly create an extraordinary impact. It is through these inspirational student stories that we can all find the motivation to use our passions to help others.