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Financial Times ranks Broad Full-Time MBA in nation’s top 10

By Chelsea Stein
Monday, February 19, 2024

For years, the Broad College’s Full-Time MBA program has been recognized as one of the nation’s best. In Financial Times’ 2024 Global MBA ranking of 100 programs, Broad was ranked No. 8 among U.S. public programs for the second consecutive year.

“Broad’s MBA programs have sustained a top 10 public MBA ranking thanks to our incredible students,” Richard Saouma, associate dean for MBA, EMBA and professional master’s programs, said.

“Our recent designation as a STEM program for select concentrations,” he continued, “has strengthened demand as more prospective learners discover the unique amalgamation of practical skills and big-picture frameworks proffered in the program — the same recipe that has always led our amazing graduates to realize consistently outsized outcomes throughout their post-graduate careers in industry.”

Broad also tied for No. 4 in Financial Times’ aims achieved ranking, measured through survey questions that ask alumni about the goals and expectations they had when enrolling in an MBA program. Illuminating the grit and determination that defines Spartans, 91% of alumni reported they achieved their aims through the program.

Our Full-Time MBA program is known for its return on investment, and as such, was ranked No. 4 for value for money among U.S. schools. Graduates’ weighted salary has grown over time, reaching a new high of $153,384 this year, an increase of 167% over their pre-MBA salaries.

As noted by Wayne Hutchison, Full-Time MBA program director, a core element of the Broad MBA is the transformative experience offered to students. Our diverse curriculum — rooted in real-world utility — prepares Broad Spartans to lead, transform the future of business and make a lasting, positive impact.

“Our newest courses in data visualization, entrepreneurship and sustainability serve as exciting new opportunities for our students to broaden their skillsets,” Hutchison pointed out. “Our new STEM MBA serves as the perfect synergy between hard science and management skills, preparing our students to make a difference at the tactical project level and, ultimately, the C-suite.”

The Broad Full-Time MBA program is known for its return on investment and was ranked No. 4 for value for money among U.S. schools.

The Broad College was also ranked No. 1 among all U.S. schools for the number of women on alumni advisory boards, and the Full-Time MBA program reached 43% female enrollment — the highest amount in the program’s history. Kara Tripi, the program’s director of admissions and enrollment, attributed the latter win to strategic partnerships to support women in business.

“We have strengthened our partnerships with organizations like Forté and Reaching Out MBA. Both organizations have fostered our connections with female candidates during their MBA exploration,” she said, noting how her team offers application fee waivers to prospective students who attend admissions events, reducing the financial burden for applicants.

“Informational events and webinars assist in driving connection for our candidates with their future peers as well as the inclusive culture we are dedicated to building,” she continued. “I believe when a prospective female student can connect with a current female student, she can envision herself pursuing the program.”

Financial Times surveys graduates three years after they complete their degrees to assess the impact of the MBA on their subsequent career progression and salary growth, as well as seeking their impressions of the program and its career services offerings. Other factors in the ranking include diversity, the international reach of the program and the number of research articles published by the college’s full-time faculty members.

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