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How the Broad MBA prepares you for your dream career

By Chelsea Stein
Friday, October 7, 2022

Earning an MBA is an intentional step in building a strong future in business. For those who choose to become Broad Spartans, it can also be a time to find your passion and secure your dream career.

Alexa Lindsay experienced that kind of special moment when she earned her Full-Time MBA at Michigan State University.

Alexa Lindsay headshot

Alexa Lindsay (MBA ’16)

“I come from a family of Spartans, so I was looking at MSU and reading about the Broad College’s MBA marketing concentration and about brand management and that spoke to me,” Lindsay said. “When I started the program, I took a brand management course my first year. Learning about brand management marketing, I knew that was what I wanted to do post-MBA. It was so refreshing to discover I could make a career out of something I loved.”

Lindsay came to the Broad College with experience at a digital marketing agency and an undergraduate degree in economics and business — along with a drive to dive deeper. She was eager to hone her skills in marketing and take advantage of the program’s smaller class size and extracurricular offerings.

“Initially, it was the faculty and students that really stood out to me because MSU felt very welcoming and a place where I could see myself,” she said. “After being in the program, I realized that getting to know my classmates was what it was all about. I really enjoyed the community and collaboration factor.”

Lindsay’s time was defined by her involvement in three student resource groups — the MBA Association, MBA Marketing Association and Broad Women MBA Association — and her participation in three national case competitions, which enabled her to experience new things outside the classroom and enrich her time as a Spartan.

Rise levels above the rest with an MBA

Fast forward to today: Lindsay has secured her dream career as a brand manager for Massimo Zanetti Beverage, one of the largest coffee roasters in North America. In this role, she applies learnings from her MBA courses every single day.

“The MBA allowed me to get the career that I have now. Everything from the brand management courses and the marketing courses are the pillars of my job and the base of my knowledge,” she said. “Using what I gained in those courses, that’s how I structure my job as a brand manager in the consumer-packaged goods realm.”

Every aspect of the Broad program, no matter how small, is something you can bring forward to your career, no matter what company or field you’re in.

Beyond her expertise in marketing, Lindsay said the Broad MBA trained her to be an effective presenter and to become a leader adept at solving real business problems.

“I’ve noticed my presentation skills, both in building presentations as well as presenting, are levels above my coworkers and what I’ve seen in the workforce,” she explained. “The Broad program instills collaboration overall, working with a wide variety of cross-functional teams, which has been huge in terms of managing a workforce.”

As for advice for current and future Broad Spartan MBAs, Lindsay urged students to get involved, especially outside the classroom.

“Immerse yourself in the program through different associations, activities. Focus on your concentrations, and I strongly recommend case competitions,” she said. “National case competitions expose you to other MBA students and give you good experiences that aren’t against your normal classmates. It gives you a great learning opportunity to get feedback on your presenting skills, and it flexes your problem-solving skills … above and beyond your everyday schoolwork.

“Every aspect of the Broad program,” Lindsay concluded, “no matter how small, is something you can bring forward to your career, no matter what company or field you’re in.”

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