Headshot of Broad MBA student Teressa Conlan

Teressa Conlan (MBA ’21)

In making the decision to pursue an MBA, I was faced with another decision: whether to complete the Full-Time or Executive MBA program at Michigan State. As with any big decision, I weighed the pros and cons, considered my years of experience in the workplace and, admittedly, the fact that I would inevitably be on the older end of the 2021 Full-Time MBA graduating class.

While I was fortunate enough to have the option of choosing a full-time program, I still had great doubts about being able to fit in with a group of such talented young minds. Ready or not, I was happily accepted into the Broad Full-Time MBA class of 2021 and was ready to take the plunge!

To my great surprise, the worries that I had quickly disappeared after the first few weeks of class. We had already been immersed into the program through Extreme Green and intense team simulations.

The Full-Time MBA program at MSU has a reputation for building strong team players, and it is an experience unlike anything I had ever expected. It is difficult to describe the array of emotions we experienced together, but it is exactly that: something we are experiencing together. In a matter of a few months, we have become a team; dozens of people from all walks of life, in all stages of professional and personal development, have become a single unified group.

In such a short time, it seems unimaginable to have formed bonds that will last a lifetime, but that is exactly what this program has achieved. I am so grateful for making the choice of pursuing a full-time MBA, but most importantly, I am grateful for my new Broad family.