As a person and as a business owner, you’re never done learning. In 2015, as president and CEO of, I felt that my family business had evolved to a point where I didn’t have the requisite technical knowledge to properly manage the growth trajectory of the company. I knew that I had to grow and evolve as well.

EMBA Class of 2018 alumnus Spiros Assimacopoulos standing with a delivery truck for his company, Michigan Bread

Spiros Assimacopoulos (MBA ’18), president and CEO of

I needed a balanced program that touched on the entire business spectrum and provided tools, concepts and strategies that could be immediately applied to my business. The Broad Executive MBA at Michigan State University provided me with just that. After each class, I was able to apply classroom and peer learnings to my real-world work environment.

Upon entering the EMBA program, I expected first-rate instruction from world-class professors. On that point Broad definitely delivered. What I didn’t expect was the impact the Broad EMBA culture would have on my perspective as a leader.

The Broad EMBA is designed for students to work within a cohort for the entirety of the program. There is an enormous amount of value derived from the interaction between peers developing within this learning environment. Working as part of a team provides a unique lens into personal experience, perspectives and approaches to business that cannot be achieved in a traditional classroom or even online.

Vitality of culture is foundational to the success of all modern organizations. The cohort learning structure of the Broad Executive MBA builds on this reality through practical learning and application of theory embodied through the culture of team learning and achievement.