We know that career fair season can be stressful. From having to research companies you’ve never heard of, to finding the booth you really came for, to charming your way into an interview the next day, the one thing that shouldn’t add to your stress level is a wardrobe malfunction.

It’s a tale as old as time: you start your day with a perfectly tucked-in shirt, but as the day progresses you find yourself tucking, then retucking, after carrying out simple tasks like tying your shoe or leaning over a booth to execute a firm handshake.

Mr. Shirt Inc.The solution? Mr. Shirt, an innovative accessory created by Broad College of Business alum, Gregg Marschner (Full-Time MBA, Supply Chain Management ‘16). Mr. Shirt is a modernized version of a shirt stay or garter that wraps just above the knee improving the comfort and ease of use when getting ready.

The idea for Mr. Shirt Inc. came about during Marschner’s time in the United States Marine Corps. After frustrations mounted with shirt stays on the market at the time, he knew there had to be a better way. And with that realization came the birth of Mr. Shirt.

The business insight he gained from Broad’s MBA program, paired with the support of family, friends, and business partners turned what was once an idea into a reality (and a successful start-up company).

The start-up, located in Lansing, works to ensure that any product they offer is sourced, manufactured, and shipped by American owned and operated companies, making it so that you will find “100 percent American Made” stamped on every package you receive.

Whether the occasion is a career fair, a first date, or hiking in the Rockies, when it comes to dressing for success, look no further than Michigan-made, Mr. Shirt, and in the words of Mr. Shirt himself, “Look Good! Feel Good! Do Good!”