Abhishek Jindal (FTMBA ’18) attended the Clinton Global Initiative University annual conference at Northeastern University in Boston, presenting about his startup AgriTech to movers and shakers from across the world. Here, he shares a little about the experience:

Abhishek Jindal

Abhishek Jindal (FTMBA ’18) at the Clinton Global Initiative University annual conference at Northeastern University in Boston.

What was your presentation strategy?
It was an exhibition-style presentation, where I was allocated a booth to display my presentation material and explain my project to attendees. This format gave ample time to the presenters to discuss and receive inputs/feedback from the field experts, venture capitalists, policy makers, government representatives, and NGOs.

Clinton Foundation selected around 50 presenters from 1000+ entries from all across the globe. My strategy was to communicate this idea to the maximum number of people related to agriculture and receive their input in improving the project.

I also used this opportunity for networking with people in NGOs and with venture capitalists. I discussed my idea with Chelsea Clinton and David Miliband (president of the International Refugee Committee) to resettle refugees from war-torn countries and make them self-reliant.

What comes next for AgriTech?
For the coming few months, we are taking AgriTech to a few more business model competitions, as our team is focused on improving the business model and finding possible alternate use areas of the idea to make agriculture more inclusive and sustainable.

Last month, our team reached the finals of the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition held in Detroit on November 16. Accelerate Michigan is one of the U.S.’s biggest startup challenge programs with cumulative prize money of $1M+ across both categories – legally registered startups and student-run startups.