Native American & Hispanic Business Students (NAHBS) Fourth Annual Professional Development Dinner will give students an opportunity to practice their analytical, public speaking and dining etiquette skills while networking with 10 Fortune 500 Companies on Tuesday, January 22, 4:30 PM, in the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center, Big 10 Room C.

“Students should attend the NAHBS Professional Development Dinner is because it is a great event that allows a student to network with companies, think on their feet in a new environment, and learn how to dine with etiquette. This event will help students grow professionally by placing them in diverse new teams and come up with the best solution while putting them out of their comfort zone. It also allows students to work on their public speaking skills by presenting to their peers and corporate reps to figure out their strengths and areas for improvement,” said Fabian Hernandez, NAHBS President and accounting senior. “Lastly, this event allows students to grow professionally because not only does this put them in front of companies they could work for in the future but also let students ask questions about a field they might have interests in, even if they already have a job set in place after graduation.”

Students can win a cash prize in the case competition. The event is free but requires a $10 refundable deposit. When student arrives at the dinner, their $10 deposit will be returned to them. Students can reserve their spot signing up through a Google Doc: