Vedat Verter, the James McGill Professor in Operations Management at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, will join the highly-ranked Department of Supply Chain Management as its next chairperson on July 1, Broad College Dean Sanjay Gupta announced recently.

Vedat Verter

Vedat Verter

Verter is a top scholar in operations management and has held multiple leadership roles at McGill, including area coordinator, associate dean for research and founding director of several initiatives related to healthcare management. He is also a long-time director of McGill’s MD-MBA program, according to Gupta.

In an email to SCM faculty Gupta wrote that he knows SCM faculty members hold Verter “in high esteem as a scholar and leader” and that they “expressed strong enthusiasm for his candidacy.”

“I want to especially recognize the fine efforts of the search committee and the leadership of Cheri Speier-Pero in making this search successful,” Gupta wrote. “I also want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Cheri for stepping into the interim department chair role for the last two years. She has provided steady and dedicated leadership in all facets of managing the department and furthering the Broad College’s ambitious goals that each one of you has enthusiastically embraced.”

“I now look forward to your working with Vedat to firmly establish our preeminence in the Supply Chain Management area and help realize the Broad College vision of becoming a top of mind business school,” Gupta wrote.

The Broad College SCM program placed first among its peers in the last U.S. News and World Report ranking.