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Broad Matters Season 1 Episode 4 - Cryptocurrency

Thursday, February 15, 2018
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The Spartan Bizcast (aka Broad Matters) returns in 2018 to pull back the veil on cryptocurrency. Even though cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been recently making headlines, the details of how cryptocurrencies work are an elaborate mystery to the average consumer. In this episode, Caroline and Don talk with the Broad College’s A.J. Pasant Endowed Chair of Finance, Naveen Khanna, and ask: “should we being buying Bitcoins”?

Want to learn more? Check out these references:

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In Other News:

A pile of Twitter blue check marks on a blue background.
Professor Anjana Susarla explains in The Conversation how this choice that each person faces can affect everyone else.
The front vestibule of the Minskoff Pavilion, part of the Business College Complex at Michigan State University and home to the Broad College of Business.
For years, Ph.D. in Management program graduates have been recognized for early career contributions to the field.