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Broad Matters Season 1 Episode 5 - Marriage Diversity for Businesses and Rock Bands

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
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Closing out the first season of the Spartan Bizcast (aka Broad Matters), Caroline Brooks turns the questions towards co-host Don Conlon, chairperson and Gambrel Family Endowed Professor in the Department of Management, about his research comparing rock bands and MBA student teams. Lifestyle and marriage diversity in groups can be strengths for both groups.

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Thank you to all of our listeners for following our podcast. We’ll be back next fall with more from the Broad College of Business.

Want to know more about Conlon’s research? Check out these links:

“Are Lifestyle Differences Beneficial? The Effects of Marital Diversity on Group Outcomes” by Karen A. (Etty) Jehn, Donald E. Conlon. Sage Journals. Research Article. February 2018.

“‘Marriage Diversity’ a Must-Have for Rock Bands to Businesses” by Caroline Brooks. Broad College of Business. News Article. April 2018.

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