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Wow, it is already October and that means career fair season is in full swing. We’ve only been taking classes for a month, but Broad has done well to prepare us for success in that short time. My classmates and I have been refining our resumes and pitches to compete for the best internships across the country. MBA career fairs are a lot different than what some experienced during undergrad. The expectations are higher, we are more experienced, and we have more to offer. Broad MBAs will be the leaders of tomorrow’s business. I have a strong supply chain background, and it is time to put myself in front of top fortune 500 companies. It’s not always easy. It’s an all-day hustle.

The last Thursday of September my classmates and I were at a career fair in Detroit. Many of us were given the opportunity to interview with top companies for internships and full-time positions. Every industry you could think of was present looking for top MBA talent. Luckily, my green and white name tag proved my business acumen at the onset of conversations with recruiters. Broad MBAs are known to be gritty problem solvers, so companies were eager to take our resumes. Being from Mid-Michigan, I made honing my pitch and resume for Dow a priority. I have a food/grocery background, so I had to be clear on how my skills are transferable to a chemical and material science company. I nailed it! I was given a next day interview for a supply chain internship with Dow. This is only the beginning of the career fair season and am thankful for all of the success the Broad MBAs have had and will have in the future.

Josh Rohde internship imageJosh Rohde at Dow booth