studentsFourteen members of the Spartan Enology Society (SES) attended the trip to Chicago, which included a charter bus ride, accommodations at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, and several educational tours.

On Friday, March 23, SES visited the Cicerone Certification Offices in order to meet Pat Fahey and Ray Daniels, who gave SES a wonderful introduction to beer ingredients, production, and service.  This knowledge was then applied immediately following tour of Revolution Brewing Company where tour guide Sam Duncan provided the group with an in-depth look into production brewing processes, logistics, and sales.

On Saturday, March 24, SES began the day at Booth One, where Nate Redner (BA ’14) and Joaquin De La Cerda Harlow (BA ‘15) showed us the true spirit of hospitality (and a rooftop champagne toast).  Afterwardsstudents SES walked along the Gold Coast to River North and visited Kyle Tarczynski, Monique Zentner (BA ‘17) and Harley Friesen (BA ‘17) at RPM Steakhouse.  Kyle has a wealth of wine and beverage knowledge, who was a perfect host to inspire the beverage oriented group (and impress us with a $17,000 bottle of wine.)

Lastly, SES visited Chef Pat Sheerin (BA ‘96), who provided a “behind the scenes tour” of food and beverage operations at the Ace Hotel.  It was a lively atmosphere at the Ace, and Chef Sheerin’s creations were on proud display at the City Mouse Restaurant (located within the Ace).  Afterwards, members scattered to explore different areas of Chicago on Saturday night.  A grand time was had by all and many thanks to those who hosted SES!

The weekend of March 23-25, three student organizations (AHLA, SHFM and SES) from The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University visited the city of Chicago.