When it comes to finding solutions to big questions, Eli Broad College of Business alumnus Michael Seneski is the go-to for Ford Motor Company. Introducing Seneski to the Broad College’s Roy S. Pung Executive Speaker Series, Dean Sanjay Gupta admirably noted Seneski’s foundational roots, “when you think of alumni of Broad College and the way we give back – in time, talent, treasure – Mike really exemplifies and commits to all three ways back to Michigan State University and Broad,” he said.

Michael Seneski

Michael Seneski (BA, ’87, General Business), Director, Corporate Strategy, Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, MI

After graduating from Michigan State University, Seneski attended the Haas School of Business at the University of California-Berkeley. Shortly after he completed his MBA in finance, he returned to Michigan to join Ford Motor Company, where he was brought on as a general manager in the customer service division and rapidly moved up the ranks.

Today, Seneski is Director of Ford’s Corporate Strategy, where he’s responsible for aligning the motor giant’s core business strategies with growth optimization, and integrating emerging innovative ideas as well. “We’re making people’s lives better by changing the way the world moves – literally,” said Seneski in reference to Ford’s business model.

During his lecture, Seneski emphasized the importance of having a good business model and re-evaluating strategies as a company – and the business world – evolves to avoid causing disruption within the company. Seneski also shared strategies that position companies for long-term success, and across multiple competitive markets. “To have a successful future, companies need to have an outlook, and an understanding of not only what needs to be accomplished, but where to play and how to win,” he said.

“It’s really beneficial for us to hear from someone who is innovating in the working world, and use his experience to apply to things in our classes at Broad,” said Bryan Sable [MBA ‘17]. “What Mr. Seneski said about staying a couple steps ahead in the auto industry, and allocating resources to the future, can be applied across all different industries, regardless of what you are going into,” Sable added.

Michael Seneski in the classroom

Michael Seneski speaking during Broad College’s Roy S. Pung Executive Speaker Series

Seneski’s approach to business strategy forces one to think that answers to complex problems may not be in traditional strategies, but in creative solutions. “There is no real thing as strategy, but a common view of the future,” he said.