Four years of tireless dedication to academics pays off.

As each semester ends, Michigan State University presents the Board of Trustees’ Award to students who obtain the highest scholastic average at the end of their final semester at MSU. Among recent recipients was one standout Broad College of Business alum, Jessica Hengesbach. Hengesbach graduated with an outstanding 4.0 GPA from Broad with a bachelor’s in Accounting.

Jessica Hangesbach

Hengesbach accredits her family, friends, and MSU faculty for her academic achievements.

Hengesbach accredits support from family and friends as motivation during her four years as an undergraduate. “I knew that no matter what my GPA was, they would be proud of me. This enabled me to try my best without fear of not reaching such a prestigious placement,” she said.

Beyond her inner circle, Hengesbach said professors were her biggest cheerleaders and mentors. “Every single professor at Michigan State truly wanted me and the rest of my peers to succeed. They always encouraged us to strive to do our personal best.”

Hengesbach offers her what it takes to thrive as a Broad Spartan. She offered us some insight into what it takes to excel in this role.

  1. “Do not be afraid to ask for help. Remember that you are not the only one to go through this. If you are having problems with something, someone else probably is too.”
  2. “Develop a strong base of support on campus and always choose quality over quantity when it comes to friends.”
  3. “Stay true to yourself and remember that the person you are today will always be a part of the person you are tomorrow so strive to make the right choices.”