Spectrum Consulting Group is a student-run firm in East Lansing that provides management consulting solutions to clients all over the Midwest. Every year, the firm partners with organizations to provide tangible business solutions, real-world consulting experience for its members and charitable support to youth education initiatives in the community, often donating its engagement proceeds.

This year, the group launched a scholarship for high school students who want to attend MSU and study business.

“At our core, we have fostered a strong dedication to education,” said Noah Skrok, the group’s director of finance and legal and a finance and political theory senior.

“With this in mind, we have decided to provide hope for students who are committed to excellence when it comes to advancing their education experience. We are offering four $5,000 need-based scholarships for incoming MSU Spartans who express a deep interest in business-related fields.”

As the company is operated by students, SCG has a genuine desire to ensure that future leaders in business have access to a great education.

“We want to have a direct influence on incoming Spartans and a commitment to youth education in the Lansing area,” Skrok said. “Applicants must have a dedication to excellence and embody SCG’s five founding pillars: quality, effective communication, accountability, purpose driven, innovation.”

The scholarship was made possible by the hard work of SCG members raising the funds needed over the past year.

“We previously donated to youth education foundations in the past, but this is our inaugural year of funding our own scholarships,” Skrok said. “SCG’s members have raised the funding for the scholarship through the execution of revenue-generating client engagements in the Fall 2020 semester.”

With help from the Lansing Chamber of Commerce, SCG has spread the word about the scholarships to various high schools and superintendents in nearby school districts. In addition, the group has been able to tap into their previously made connections with the Lansing Public School system to get the word out.

To be eligible, high school students should have a cumulative GPA of 3.0, will be attending MSU for their freshman year in Fall 2021 and are in need of financial assistance for tuition and expenses. The application deadline is May 1.

COVID-19 has financially impacted families across Michigan, and the SCG scholarship is here to give parents and students some peace of mind. SCG is one example of many that embodies the Spartan spirit and dedication to helping others.

High school students interested in the 2021 Spectrum Consulting Group Scholarship can apply at spectconsulting.com.