Five students from The School of Hospitality Business traveled to the Top2Top Conference on February 13-16, 2018 in Jacksonville, FL.  The conference provided an opportunity for students to network and connect with manufacturers, distributors, and brokers with years of experience in the foodservice sales and marketing industry.  Top2Top is the premier event for foodservice sales and marketing executives hosted annually by Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association (FSMA).

Many students are generally geared towards seeking a career in hotel or restaurant operations. It was refreshing to learn about a side of the industry that can be somewhat overlooked, but is imperative in the business.  The students were able to attend a number of educational programs — to learn about the industry, where it’s at, and where it’s going. It was enjoyable for them to meet with industry professionals who provided their experiences and advice to students. 

A special thank you to Dave DeWalt (BA ’79), Stu Wolff (BA ’82), and Rick Abraham for providing this opportunity and for offering invaluable mentorship.