Associate Professor Sriram Narayanan, Assistant Professor Brian Jacobs and PhD Student Richard Kraude recently had a manuscript accepted for publication at Production and Operations Management.

The title is “Operational productivity, corporate social performance, financial performance, and risk in manufacturing firms.”  In this work, they find that if a firm’s operational productivity is poor, corporate social performance is of limited benefit to financial performance or risk. However, at or above a threshold level of operational productivity, firms can use corporate social performance to build upon it to yield further improvements in financial performance and reductions in risk.

From the Production and Operations Management website:

Production and Operations Management is now on the Business Week list of 20 premier journals. Business Week uses publications in these 20 journals as one of the three factors for ranking of MBA programs in business schools. The list has 14 research journals and six ethics or practice journals.”

Sriram Narayanan Brian Jacobs Headshot Richard Kraude Photo