Last week, members of the Graduate Supply Chain Management Association (GSCMA) braved the weather to visit a host that doesn’t stop for any weather, Meijer! Meijer’s Lansing DC 84 supports stores throughout Michigan and Indiana and actually increases shipping during harsh weather due to the stock-up effect weather conditions have on consumption. DC 84 is a 500,000 sq. ft. automated facility that partners with Witron. With Witron’s help, Meijer operates some of the most sophisticated distribution centers in the Midwest with automation for inventory management, picking, packaging and staging for shipping.

Big thanks to Meijer for hosting us and to Marcus Harold for setting up the trek! Meijer has been a great partner to GSCMA and we hope to visit again next year, to show another group of students how distribution excellence is achieved!

Check out the video on a similar Meijer/Witron DC located in Wisconsin.