Top in Tax 2016 logoThe Broad College of Business MS in Accounting received two top 10 rankings in the TaxTalent 2016 Top in Tax Educational Survey, which asked tax hiring authorities from across the country to rank up to five schools per tax program that they believe produce top tax talent. Broad was the No. 9 Master of Accounting Program and the No. 10 Master of Accounting – Taxation Program.

“We attract highly motivated, bright students to our master’s program,” explained Edmund Outslay, Deloitte / Michael Licata Endowed Professor of Taxation. “Our curriculum focuses on what the market values: an integration of tax technical knowledge with financial accounting principles that apply to income taxes.”

Alumni agree that MSU’s internationally renowned tax experts provided an excellent basis for their work in the field.

“The tax faculty at MSU incorporate their groundbreaking research into the curriculum and fully prepare students to apply the tax regulations to complex scenarios and to communicate research-driven solutions in a professional setting,” said Andrea Silva (MS Accounting ’11).

MSU faculty can boast of significant taxation expertise, including being ranked No. 15 in tax research across all methods over the past 20 years, according to Brigham Young University’s 2014 rankings, and Dean Sanjay Gupta receiving the Journal of the American Taxation Association (2014 – Volume 36) Outstanding Paper Award this past fall.

“The MS in Accounting with taxation specialty option was an invaluable program for me as it provided me with the optimal blend of technical skills and knowledge, bridging the two worlds of U.S. federal income taxation and GAAP financial accounting with practical, real-world application of what I would see later on in industry,” alumnus Dale Kim said. “The focus in the program on interpersonal skills to effectively communicate and interact with others, in groups, was also a key component that enhanced my ability to work in a team setting in public accounting.”

“The tax curriculum provides students with an excellent foundation in technical analysis and writing and grounds students in the theory underlying the tax regulations,” said Silva. “The program particularly hones one’s ability to apply an analytical framework and to support a position with relevant facts and tax guidance, and these skills set a Spartan apart in any accounting or tax career path.”

Kim agreed, noting that “the value of the Michigan State brand nationally carries tremendous weight, even in competitive markets such as the New York metro area. I am proud to be a graduate of such a strong academic program at Michigan State and credit it for providing me a step up against peers and giving me a career path toward success.”

As the MS in Accounting program continues to enhance its curriculum, business analytics will begin to be integrated into the curriculum this year.