On Saturday November 23, 2013, the College hosted its third annual undergraduate pitch competition and graduate business plan competition. This year’s entries represented the best collection of student business post or at launch we have had, in addition to the usual outstanding ideas. Participants were treated to an inspiring talk by Dr. Asif Naseem, vice president of Oracle. The winners are listed in this article. Go to the Institute for Entrepreneurship web page to view these winning elevator pitches.


$5,000 1st place winners: North Coast Medical

Robin Hannum and Jonathan Delauter

$2,500 2nd place winners: FloorZero

Joseph Ajao and Holly Miller

$1,000 3rd place winners:  Actus College

Joseph Patag and Brandon Pilzner


$5,000 1st place winners: Carbon Cash

Patrick Schmitz, Bernie Eisbrenner, Patrick McCarthy, and Jon Bauer

$2,500 2nd place winner: Snap Script

Brian Ingle

$1,000 3rd place winner: York Apparel

Joshua York


Eightfold Marketing and Creative  LLC

Nicholas Stachurski, Brooke Weatherford, Ryan Sundberg, and Steven Van Maele

TurtleCell LLC

Jeremy Lindlbauer, Paul Schrems, Dan Sorgen, and Nick Turnbull


Garrett Robinson


Pet Spot

Brandon Heins, Dan Etter, Mitch Goodrich, and Fletcher Smith

Move In – Move Out

Kevin Ye and Boon Yau Ooi


Pictures from the event

Join us in congratulating all our participants this year.