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Meet the spring 2024 Global Engagement Fellow

By Layna Anderson
Tuesday, March 12, 2024
photo of Linc (Yuan Lin) wearing a blue shirt with a tie and holding a white coffee mug

Linc (Yuan Lin), B.A. Marketing ’15

As a young adult growing up in Beijing, China, Linc (Yuan Lin; B.A. Marketing ’15) could have easily attended a university close to home, but he ultimately chose to come to East Lansing.

“Michigan State University’s strong reputation, especially in business, drew me in. What truly solidified my decision [to attend], however, was MSU’s commitment to international education,” Linc said.

Continuing a tradition that began last year, Linc will venture to campus from Beijing this month as the Broad College’s spring 2024 Global Engagement Fellow. Throughout the week of March 18, Linc will engage with leadership, students, faculty and staff through college events, class visits and more.

“Being selected as the Global Engagement Fellow is a true honor. I believe my global perspective can play a valuable role in shaping a more inclusive and connected MSU community,” Linc said. “In today’s world, building trust and understanding across borders is essential. I’m passionate about working with fellow Spartans to create initiatives that foster a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone.”

When Linc was a marketing student at the Broad College, he was involved in many student organizations, including the Chinese Undergraduate Student Association, the Office for International Students and the Chinese Undergraduate Advisory Council, affiliated with OISS. He also played alto saxophone in the Campus Band.

“It’s more essential than ever that we value the importance of worldwide collaboration in order to address global challenges.”

Sarah Scott, the Walters Family Director of Education Abroad at the Broad College, was influential during Linc’s time at Broad. She played a vital role in shaping his global perspective by encouraging him to participate in an education abroad program focused on marketing in Japan.

“This was such a transformative experience that ignited my passion for international study. Today, I’m a much more confident and well-rounded individual, thanks in part to Professor Scott’s guidance and the transformative power of international education,” Linc said.

MSU’s robust education abroad program was also a huge pull for Linc when deciding which university to attend. MSU boasts more than 300 education abroad programs in more than 60 countries, and MSU’s focus on global learning aligned with Linc’s aspirations. During his time as a student at MSU, he participated in three education abroad programs, visiting Japan, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Since graduating from MSU, Linc has served as a strategic key account manager at Tencent and a sales advisor at Tesla. He is currently working as an enterprise key account manager at Amazon Web Services.

Linc has served on the Broad College of Business International Advisory Board since 2020. Advisory board members serve as ambassadors to the wider business community and bring their special talents, experience and insights to Broad. He has also served as a guest speaker in many marketing courses.

Scott, who has known Linc since his days as an undergraduate student at the Broad College, said that it is a genuine pleasure to welcome Linc back to campus as the Global Engagement Fellow.

“His enthusiasm and curiosity are contagious, and he has eagerly and willingly given back to the college since we approached him in 2020 about serving on the International Advisory Board,” said Scott.

Linc was also instrumental in helping to design the Broad College’s new buddy program, which pairs international students with domestic students.

“To me, [global mindset] means to be respectful and humble toward different ways of life and to move beyond national boundaries and recognize our shared humanity and interconnectedness. It’s more essential than ever that we value the importance of worldwide collaboration in order to address global challenges,” Linc said.

Funding for the Global Engagement Fellowship program was made possible through the International Advisory Board, donor support and the International Business Center’s CIBER grant renewal in 2022. Each semester, a new fellow will be selected to visit campus and engage with the community. These efforts build upon the college’s domestic Executive-in-Residence program, launched in 2018, which brings local experts and alumni to offer their leadership and business expertise to mentor and advise students.

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