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Ph.D. in Information Technology Management Research Topics

Current Ph.D. faculty research programs span a wide range of technology management topics. Examples include:

  • Analytics in organizations and social media
  • Organizational diffusion, adoption and use of information technologies
  • Role of routines and organizational work processes in IT-mediated transformations
  • The roles of trust in the adoption of new technology and sharing economy services
  • Organizational capabilities, structures and skills for leveraging IT value
  • Impacts of IT investments on customer relationship, supply chain and knowledge management
  • IT capabilities and the dynamics of competitive action


Our doctoral students work with faculty members on many intriguing topics. Here are some research projects involving faculty and either current Ph.D. students or graduates:

“Understanding User Participation in Crowdsourced Mobile Apps: A Geo-Spatial Analysis” (Tae Hun Kim, graduated 2018)

“Dynamics of Online Word of Mouth Spillover Effects” (Yen-Yao Wang, graduated 2017)

“The Effect of Mergers and Acquisitions on Firm Performance: Evidence from Digital Industries” (Kangkang Qi, graduated 2016)

“Community Engagement and Collective Evaluation in Crowdfunding” (Eun Ju Jung, graduated 2015)

“A Process Theory of Technology Trust Change” (Peng Liu, graduated 2013)

“Technology, Humanness and Trust: Rethinking Trust in Technology” (John Tripp, graduated 2012)

“The (N)Ever-Changing World: Stability and Change in Organizational Routines” (Derek Hillison, graduated 2009)

“How Peripheral Developers Contribute to Open-Source Software Development” (Pankaj Setia, graduated 2008)

“Team Documentation Influences Clinic Complexity and Patient Satisfaction” (Inkyu Kim and Dr. Brian Pentland)