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No. 1 in supply chain

  • Biography
    Adjunct faculty within Michigan State University's #1-ranked Supply Chain Management program, teaching upper-level undergraduate Logistics & Transportation Management and Supply Chain Application & Policy (capstone), and Field Study Research at the Master's level.  Principal consultant leading end-to-end global supply chain, logistics, transportation and purchasing strategy development, reengineering and deployment projects. Currently working with major companies within the manufacturing, automotive, electric vehicle, start-up, pharmaceutical, retail and tech industries. Subject Matter Expert to Big 4 consulting firms.  Advisor to academia and research groups.  Advisory Board member.  Guest lecturer and keynote speaker at academic and industry events.  Entrepreneur and owner of several small businesses.

    Previous global supply chain, purchasing and logistics executive, with extensive success designing and implementing high-dollar transformative supply chain projects within large global companies. Recognized leader of global teams. Recipient of multiple customer and internal awards.

    Deep expertise in global end-to-end supply chain and value chain management, including the core areas of international logistics and transportation, warehousing and distribution, purchasing and sourcing- at both the operational and strategic levels. Specific functional expertise areas include:

    - Robotic Process Automation (RPA's, or 'bots')
    - Data analytics and business intelligence
    - IoT and I4.0- smart technology integration
    - Risk assessment, management and mitigation planning
    - Critical supply and contingency planning
    - International business development
    - Negotiation strategy, on both the buying and selling sides
    - Network design and optimization
    - Supply chain systems- functionality, bid development and implementation
    - 3PL/4PL operations
    - Start-up supply chain strategy development
    - Total landed cost/cost modeling
    - Cost reduction
    - Supplier development
    - Contract negotiation
    - Purchasing bid development and process through business award
    - Program implementation
    - Process mapping, development and improvement
    - Manufacturing and warehousing operations
    - Supply chain operations
    - Lean principles
    - Marketing and sales
    - Talent needs/assessment
    - Training and development
    - Educational programs and course development
    - Entrepreneur/small business start-up and operations
    - Guest lecture and keynote speaking
  • Courses
    • SCM 373: Logistics and Transportation Management
    • SCM 470: Supply Chain Application and Policy
    • SCM 882: Project Management Research Paper
    • SCM 476: Transportation Management
    • SCM 827: Competing Through Supply Chain Logistics
    • BUS 491: Special Topics- Management Consulting Academy
    • SCM 490: Independent Study
  • Media Mentions