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Ahmet Kirca

Associate Professor
Department: Marketing
North Business Building
632 Bogue St Rm N464
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 432-6392
Department: MSU-CIBER (International Business Center)
  • Biography
    Dr. Ahmet H. Kirca is an Associate Professor of International Business and Marketing at the Department of Marketing, Broad College of Business. He received his Ph.D. degree in International Business from the University of South Carolina, Columbia. Prior to joining MSU in 2006, he worked at George Washington University in Washington, DC. 

    Professor Kirca serves as the Director of International Business Center and MSU-CIBER. Also, he is the Co-Director of the Doctoral Program in the Department of Marketing.

    His research focuses on international business and marketing strategy with a special emphasis on firm internationalization, innovation, organizational culture and applied meta-analysis. He has published articles in major academic journals including the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Management, Journal of Retailing, International Journal of Research in Marketing and Journal of World Business, among others. Kirca teaches international business/marketing, marketing research and marketing strategy in undergraduate, MBA and Ph.D. level courses. He also offers workshops and seminars on applied meta-analytic techniques. 

    Kirca had extensive industry experience in textile and tourism industries in Turkey before joining the academia. A native of Turkey, Kirca fluently speaks English, French, and Italian languages. He also has working knowledge of Spanish and Japanese.

  • Publications
    Kirca, Ahmet H., Praneet Randava, Berk M. Talay, and Billur M. Akdeniz (2020), “The Interactive Effects of Product and Brand Portfolio Strategies on Brand Performance: Longitudinal Evidence from the U.S. Automotive Industry," International Journal of Research in Marketing, 37 (2), 421-439.

    Pravin Nath. Ahmet H. Kirca, Saejoon Kim, and Trina L. Andras (2019), “The Effects of Retail Banner Standardization on the Performance of Global Retailers,” Journal of Retailing, 95 (3), 30-46.
    Rubera, Gaia and Ahmet H. Kirca (2017), “You Gotta Serve Somebody: The Effects of Firm Innovation on Customer Satisfaction and Firm Value” Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, 45 (5): 741-761.
    Talay, Berk, Billur Akdeniz, and Ahmet H. Kirca (2017), “When Do the Stock Market Returns to New Product Preannouncements Predict Product Performance? Empirical Evidence from the U.S. Automotive Industry” Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, 45 (4): 513-533.
    Sparkling, Anthony, Sinem Korkmaz, and Ahmet H. Kirca (2017), “Meta-Analytic Research Synthesis Connecting the Trends in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Partnering,” Journal of Management in Engineering, 33 (1), 1-12.
    Rubera, Gaia and Ahmet H. Kirca* (2012) "Firm Innovativeness and its Performance Outcomes: A Meta-Analytic Review and Theoretical Integration," Journal of Marketing, 76 (3), 130-147.
    Kirca, Ahmet H., Kendall Roth, Tomas Hult, and Tamer Cavusgil (2012) "The Role of Context in the Multinationality-Performance Relationship: A Meta-Analytic Review," Global Strategy Journal, 2 (2), 108-121.
    Kirca, Ahmet H., Tomas Hult, Seyda Deligonul, Morys Perryy, and Tamer Cavusgil (2012), "A Multilevel Examination of the Drivers of Firm Multinationality: A Meta-Analysis," Journal of Management, 38 (2), 502-530.
    Kirca, Ahmet H., William O. Bearden, and Kendall Roth (2011) "Implementation of Market Orientation in the Subsidiaries of Global Companies: The Role of Institutional Factors," Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, 39 (5), 683-699.
    Kirca, Ahmet H., Tomas Hult, Kendall Roth, Tamer Cavusgil, Morys Perryy, Billur Akdeniz, Seyda Deligonul, Jeannette Mena, Wesley Pollitte, Jessica Hoppner, Joseph Miller, and Ryan White (2011), "Firm-Specific Assets, Multinationality, and Financial Performance: A Meta-Analytic Review and Theoretical Integration," Academy of Management Journal, 51 (1), 47-72.
    Kirca, Ahmet H. and Tomas Hult (2009), "Intra-Organizational Factors and Market Orientation: The Role of National Culture," International Marketing Review, 26 (6), 633-650.
    Kirca, Ahmet H., Satish Jayachandran and William O. Bearden (2005), "Market Orientation: A Meta-Analytic Review and Assessment of its Antecedents and Impact on Performance," Journal of Marketing, 69 (2): 24-41.
  • Courses
    • MKT 415: International Marketing Management (undergraduate)
    • MKT 310: International Business (Undergraduate)
    • MKT 862: Global Marketing Management (MBA)
    • MKT 870: Global Strategy (MBA)
    • MKT 460: Marketing Strategy
    • MKT 910: Ph.D. Seminar in Marketing Theory
    • MKT 940: International Business Theory (Doctoral Seminar)
    • MKT 860: International Business (MBA)
    • HCM 819: Market Analysis and Planning in Healthcare
    • MKT 843: International Marketing Research
  • Awards
    • Best Conference Paper Award, 4th Biennial Conference of Indian Academy of Management, 2015.
      Best Conference Paper Award in the Biennial Conference of Indian Academy of Management, 2015.

    • Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Best Reviewer Award, 2011.
      Best reviewer Award
  • Media Mentions
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