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Tunga Kiyak

Managing Director
Department: Academy of International Business
Eppley Center
667 N Shaw Ln Rm E411
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 353-1636
Outreach Coordinator
Department: MSU-CIBER (International Business Center)
Fixed-Term Faculty
Department: Marketing
  • Biography
    Tunga Kiyak is the Executive Director of the Academy of International Business (AIB) where he is responsible for overseeing the operations and strategic direction of this nonprofit professional association of international business scholars and specialists.  Tunga also serves as an Outreach Coordinator at the International Business Center (IBC) at Michigan State University. In this capacity, he provides consulting, training, and research services, primarily to small and medium-sized-enterprises (SMEs), on a wide variety of subjects including exporting, market entry strategy, global strategy development, international market research, and cross-cultural competencies. Tunga was the founding curator of globalEDGE, an international business knowledge web-portal.

    Tunga has been appointed by the US Secretary of Commerce to the East Michigan District Export Council (EMDEC), an organization of leaders whose knowledge of international business provides a source of professional advice for Michigan firms. He currently serves as the Vice-Chair of EMDEC.

    In addition to having his research published in a variety of scholarly journals, Tunga is a frequent speaker to both professional and academic audiences including at events organized by the American Marketing Association, the Academy of International Business, the Academy of Management, the Lansing Chamber of Commerce, the Michiana World Trade Club, NASBITE, SCORE, various District Export Councils, the National Association for Environmental Managers, and the Institute of Supply Management.

    At Michigan State University, Tunga teaches multiple classes, including the introductory survey class in International Business for the undergraduate program, and Data Analysis classes for both the Full-time MBA and the Executive MBA programs. His previous teaching experience also includes classes on a variety of topics such as international business, international marketing, managerial marketing, business statistics, statistical programming, and entrepreneurship.

    Tunga holds a B.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bogazici University, Turkey; an MBA in Marketing & Finance and a Ph.D. in Marketing & International Business, both from Michigan State University. 
  • Publications
    Cenk Kocas and Tunga Kiyak. (2006 January). Theory and Evidence on Pricing by Asymetric Oligopolies. International Journal of Industrial Organization. 24: 1. 83-105.
    Kim Schatzel, Trevor A Iles, Tunga Kiyak. (2005 September). A Firm"™s Technology Demand Receptivity: The Development of the Construct and a Conceptual Model. Journal of American Academy of Business. 7: 2. 1-6.
    Kim E Schatzel, Tunga Kiyak, Trevor Iles. (2005 March). How Do Pioneering Firms Identify and Pursue Opportunities: An Exploratory Model of Pioneering Behavior. Journal of American Academy of Business. 6: 2. 1-9.
    S Tamer Cavusgil, Tunga Kiyak, Sengun Yeniyurt. (2004 October). Complementary Approaches to Preliminary Foreign Market Opportunity Assessment: Country Clustering and Country Ranking. Industrial Marketing Management. 33: 7. 607-617.
    Tunga Kiyak, Anthony S Roath, Kim E Schatzel. (2001 January). An Examination of the Coercive Power-Satisfaction Relationship Within a Relational Exchange: The Moderating Role of Dealer Resistance. Journal of Marketing Channels. 8: 3/4. 3-27.
    In proceedings
    Duncan Poulson, S. Tamer Cavusgil, and Tunga Kiyak. (2000). The Regulation of Global Electronic Commerce: Strategies for Building Consumer Confidence in Online Transactions. eCommerce and Global Business Forum Proceedings.
    In proceedings
    S Tamer Cavusgil, Anthony S Roath, Tunga Kiyak. (1999). A Case of Trade Diversion Between Turkey and the European Community?. 1999 AMA Winter Educators"™ Conference Proceedings (pp. 78). Chicago: American Marketing Association.
    In proceedings
    Tunga Kiyak. (1997). International Gray Markets: A Systematic Analysis and Research Propositions. AMA Summer Marketing Educators"™ Conference Proceedings. Chicago: American Marketing Association.
    In proceedings
    Tunga Kiyak, Anthony S Roath, Kim E Schatzel. (1999 January). An Examination of the Use of Exercised Coercive Power within a Relational Exchange: The Moderating Role of Dealer Resistance. 1999 AMA Winter Educators' Conference Proceedings (pp. 57). Chicago: American Marketing Association.
    In proceedings
    Tamer Cavusgil, Tunga Kiyak, and Preet Aulakh. (1997). Complementary Approaches to Preliminary Foreign Market Opportunity Assessment: Indexing and Clustering Techniques. Proceedings of the 1997 Annual Meeting of the Academy of International Business. Monterrey, Mexico: Academy of International Business.
    G Tomas M Hult, S Tamer Cavusgil, Tunga Kiyak, Seyda Deligonul, Katarina Lagerström. (2007 January). What Drives Performance in Globally Focused Marketing Organizations? A Three-Country Study. Journal of International Marketing. 15: 2. 58-85.
    Brian R Chabowski, G Tomas M Hult, Tunga Kiyak, Jeannette A Mena. (2010 June). The structure of JIBS"™s social network and the relevance of intra-country variation: A typology for future research. Journal of International Business Studies. 41: 5. 925-934.
  • Courses
    • MKT 310: International Business (Spring of Every Year)
    • MBA 804: Applied Data Analysis for Managers
    • PIM 851: Business Analytics
  • Awards
    • 2010 John H. Dunning President's Award
      Awarded by the Academy of International Business for distinguished service to the Academy.
    • 2007 S. Tamer Cavusgil Award
      Awarded by the American Marketing Association for best article that advances the practice of International Marketing Management in the Journal of International Marketing.
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