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Kent Miller

Department: Management
North Business Building
632 Bogue St Rm N425
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 353-6428
Curriculum Vitae
  • Biography

    Professor Miller teaches strategic management courses for full-time and executive MBA students. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. Prior to joining the MSU faculty, he taught at Purdue University (Krannert), the German International Graduate School of Management and Administration (GISMA), and New York University (Stern).

    Professor Miller studies organizational learning and strategic change, as well as methodological and philosophical issues in management and organization studies. His research encompasses empirical, theoretical, and modeling work. Some projects develop computer simulation models to explore social learning processes and their implications for organizations. He has authored over forty academic research articles.

    He is a member of the Academy of Management and Strategic Management Society. He serves on the editorial boards of Academy of Management Learning and Education, Strategic Management Journal, and Strategic Organization.

  • Publications
    Miller, K. D. (2009). Organizational Risk after Modernism. Organization Studies, 30: 157-180.
    Miller, K. D. & Lin, S. (2010). Different Truths in Different Worlds. Organization Science, 21: 97-114.
    Miller, K. D. & Tsang, E. W. K. (2011). Testing Management Theories: Critical Realist Philosophy and Research Methods. Strategic Management Journal, 32: 139-158.
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    Miller, K. D., Choi, S., & Pentland, B. T. (2014). The Role of Transactive Memory in the Formation of Organizational Routines. Strategic Organization, 12: 109 - 133.
    Miller, K. D. (2015). Agent-Based Modeling and Organization Studies: A Critical Realist Perspective. Organization Studies, 36: 175-196.
    Miller, K. D. (2015). Organizational Research as Practical Theology. Organizational Research Methods, 18: 276-299.
    Miller, K. D. & Lin, S. (2015). Analogical Reasoning for Diagnosing Strategic Issues in Dynamic and Complex Environments. Strategic Management Journal, 36: 2000-2020. 
    Miller, K. D. & Martignoni, D. (2016). Organizational Learning with Forgetting: Reconsidering the Exploration-Exploitation Tradeoff.” Strategic Organization, 14: 53-72.
    Miller, K. D. (2017). Interfaith Dialogue in a Secular Field. Management Research Review, 40: 824-844.
    Miller, K. D. (2017). Organizing with the Spirit. Christian Scholar’s Review, 46: 213-231.
  • Courses
    • MBA 850: Strategic Management
    • PIM 855: Strategic Management