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Yanyan Wang

Associate Professor
Department: Accounting and Information Systems
Business College Complex
632 Bogue St Rm N233
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 432-2923
Curriculum Vitae
  • Biography
    Professor Wang, an associate professor of Accounting, was born to a family full of accountants, but she is the first one to become a professor to teach accounting. Her dissertation won the American Accounting Association's Competitive Manuscript Award and Financial Accounting and Reporting Section's Best Dissertation Award in 2006. In 2017, one of her papers (co-authored with Linda Bamber and John Jiang) won the Distinguished Contribution to Accounting Literature Award. Her hobbies include yoga, swimming, reading, and listening to Jazz.
  • Publications
    John Jiang, Kathy Petroni and Isabel Wang. (2010). CFOs and CEOs: Who Have the Most Influence on Earnings Management?. Journal of Financial Economics. 96: 3. 513-526.
    Linda Bamber, John (Xuefeng) Jiang, Kathy Petroni, Isabel Yanyan Wang. (2010). Comprehensive income: Who"™s afraid of performance reporting?. The Accounting review. 85: 1. 97-126.
    Linda Bamber, John Jiang and Isabel Wang. (2010). What"™s my style? The influence of top managers on voluntary corporate financial disclosures. The Accounting Review. 85: 4. 1131-1162.
    Isabel Wang. (2007). Private Earnings Guidance and its Implications for Disclosure Regulation. The Accounting Review. 82: 5. 1299-1332.
    Michael Kimbrough and Isabel Wang. Are seemingly self-serving attributions in earnings press releases plausible? Empirical evidence. The Accounting Review, forthcoming.
    Big N auditors and audit quality: New evidence from quasi experiments, with J. Jiang, and K. Wang, The Accounting Review, forthcoming.  
    How Does the FASB Make Decisions? Agenda Setting, Individual Board Members, and Fair Value Accounting, with J. Jiang, and D. Wangerin, Accounting, Organizations and Society, forthcoming.  
    Revolving Rating Analysts and Ratings of MBS and ABS: Evidence from LinkedIn, with J. Jiang, and K. Wang, Management Science, forthcoming.  
    Consequences of increased compensation disclosure transparency: Evidence from CEO pay in acquiring firms, with X. Wang, and D. Wangerin, 2018. Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance.  
    Private Intermediary Innovation and Market Liquidity: Evidence from the Pink Sheets Tier of the OTC Market, with J. Jiang and K. Petroni, 2016. Contemporary Accounting Research 33 (3)920-948.  
    Does it matter who serves on the Financial Accounting Standards Board? Bob Herz’s unexpected resignation and the fair value accounting for loans, with J. Jiang and Y. Xie, 2015. Review of Accounting Studies 20: 371-394.  
    Are seemingly self-serving attributions in earnings press releases plausible? Empirical evidence, with M. Kimbrough, 2014. The Accounting Review 89 (2): 635-667.   
  • Courses
    • ACC 300: Intermediate Accounting I
    • ACC 844: International Accounting
    • ACC 950: Doctoral seminar
    • ACC 807: Financial Statement Analysis