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Chris Hogan

  • Chairperson
  • Russell E. Palmer Endowed Professor in Accounting
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Greetings, alumni and friends!

We are very proud of our graduates and frequently receive news of your success. We hope that your education at MSU has been foundational to your professional achievement because we strive for excellence in our students and our faculty. We take pride in our mission to be known nationally and internationally for “excellence in educating students and creating and disseminating knowledge through research and outreach, relevant to the accounting and information systems communities.” We do this by ensuring the highest quality in each of our programs and providing our students the skills needed to succeed in a competitive world.

The Eli Broad College of Business Department of Accounting and Information Systems continues to change the study of accounting and expand the horizon and opportunities offered to our students. We regularly evaluate our curriculum so that we produce graduates that are relevant in a rapidly changing environment. As alumni, you are important and play a critical role in this process, and we appreciate interaction with you.

We sincerely thank you for your support. Please be sure to look for our biannual eNews in your email inbox. Please feel free to share with me your thoughts, suggestions and news.

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AIS Newsletter

We publish several electronic newsletters each year highlighting the accomplishments of our talented students, faculty and staff. We invite you to read our newsletters to catch up on department news.

Donor Honor Roll

The Department of Accounting and Information Systems is extremely grateful for the philanthropic support which helps us sustain excellence. The department proudly recognizes the alumni, friends, and organizations that support us. We thank you for your generous support!

All contributions honored below were received July 1, 2018–June 30, 2019.

  • Landon Legacy Society Club

    Recognizing planned gifts to the Department of Accounting and Information Systems

    • Dr. and Mrs. Cron
  • Contributors of $20,000 or More

    Recognizing contributions to the Department of Accounting and Information Systems and/or the Eli Broad College of Business

    • Paul and Brenda Balas
    • John R. and Marina L. Bebes
    • Eli and Edythe Broad
    • Michael and Jamie Burwell
    • Jeanine P. and Kevin P. Clark
    • Gregory and Judith Coursen
    • John and Becky Duffey
    • Patricia and Scott Eston
    • Vince Foster
    • Kendall and Amy Fox
    • Lawrence and Teresa Gaynor
    • Darline C. Jones
    • Edward and Carol J. Lake
    • Eugene and Jeanne LoVasco
    • Russell E. Palmer
    • Todd and Jill Penegor
    • Richard and Kathleen Petrait
    • Christopher L. and Colette M. Rizik
    • Bob and Anna Lou Schaberg
    • Glenn and Susan Schafer
    • Steve and Krissy Shanker
    • Agnes F. Sidoti
    • David and Yvonne Staples
    • Brian and Tiffany Van Elslander
    • Nancy J. and Stephen P. Vella
    • Brent and Tara Woodford
  • Contributors of $10,000-$19,999

    Recognizing contributions to the Department of Accounting and Information Systems and/or the Eli Broad College of Business

    • Chris and Kim Brothers
    • Jeffrey S. Clark
    • Jay A. and Jill B. Craig
    • The J. A. Darien Family
    • Larry and Anne Edwards
    • Denise G. and James R. Essenberg
    • Arlene and Irwin Ettinger
    • Jeffrey L. and Christine Ficks
    • Richard J. and M. Jacquelyn Fineberg
    • John and Linda Grissim
    • Steven J. and Katherine A. Groya
    • Clarkston Capital
    • Mike and Lisa Herrinton
    • Dale Y. Kim
    • Mr. and Mrs. Dirk H. Kjolhede
    • Madan, Gulab, Anil and Ashok Lalwani
    • Michael T. and Janet Lawton
    • Paul E. and Catherine J. Lindow
    • Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Paterson
    • Jay Pearlstein
    • Teresa L. and Robert M. Pollock
    • Eric and Larissa Ringle
    • Bill Sherman and Burnette Foods
    • Robert S. Siegel
    • Jeff and Kristen Smith
    • Timothy and Karen Stewart
    • Kevin and Leslie Voigt
  • Contributors of $5,000-$9,999

    Recognizing contributions to the Department of Accounting and Information Systems and/or the Eli Broad College of Business

    • Douglas J. Bekker
    • Julie L. and Christopher G. Bogas
    • Jeff and Yasmin Bradfield
    • William R. Brink
    • Lisa M. Carroll
    • Robert F. and Anne M. DesMarais
    • Anthony A. Dimambro and Leigh DiMambro
    • George S. Gans and Dr. Daphna Gans
    • Brian and Christina Gilbert
    • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Graham
    • Scott F. and Patricia L. Hesse
    • Andrew and Jennifer Hubacker
    • Alicia and Jamie Janisch
    • Jerry Jonckheere
    • Mrs. Ann J. and Mr. Matthew Kelly
    • Ms. Jennifer M. Klingler
    • Jack and Rebecca Koenigsknecht
    • Lynne A. Lamkin
    • Joseph J. and Jennifer Lenglet
    • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Mahoney
    • Erick W. Marold
    • Judy M. McNamara
    • Richard A. and Barbara J. McWhirter
    • Patricia J. and Anthony J. O’Callaghan
    • Edmund Outslay
    • Jane S. Outslay
    • Robert R. Paul III and Danyle L. Ordway
    • Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Pavlak
    • Erik and Anne-Marie (Yaklin) Petersen
    • Frank L. Robar
    • Edward V. Simon
    • Jamie and Aaron Simpson
    • Mike and Mary Beth Smykowski
    • Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Spinola
    • Brad and Cheryl Stevens
    • Randy and Peg Tavierne
    • Julie and Paul Wahrman
    • Clare M. Willett
    • Jeff and NormaJean Zaleski
  • Contributors of $2,500-$4,999

    Recognizing contributions to the Department of Accounting and Information Systems

    • Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Armstrong
    • David M. Barrons
    • Paul and Linda Brazda
    • Edward C. and Chris H. Brynn
    • Thomas D. and Nancy T. Church
    • Rachel R. and Eric DeKleyn
    • Anthony C. and Rachelle E. Flanagan
    • Bradley J. Hehl
    • Mark and Marcia Hooper
    • Enoch and Nancy Jen
    • Drs. Xuefeng Jiang and Yanyan Wang
    • Michael and Katrina M. Johnson
    • Jerry Jonckheere
    • Robert F. and Stacy L. Long
    • Michael and Laura Marcero
    • Jeff and Nancy Mengel
    • Susan and Lawrence E. Perlin
    • Kris Ramesh and Sandra Kang
    • Susan M. Reese
    • Robert S. Siegel
    • Bud Smith
    • Mike and Shelly Swartz
    • Rick and Irene Tanghe
    • Jennifer A. and Kenneth J. Williams
    • Jon A. Woods II and Marcia R. Woods
    • Robert M. Woolley, Jr.
    • James C. and Mary J. Young
  • Contributors of $1,000-$2,499

    Recognizing contributions to the Department of Accounting and Information Systems

    • Kara Adams
    • Joseph and Beth Anthony
    • Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Appel
    • Douglas P. Bajor
    • Thomas and Kathryn Benesh
    • Kimberly J. and Philip T. Bernabe
    • Julie L. and Christopher G. Bogas
    • Mr. David B. Brower
    • Nathan S. and Stephanie A. Buchalski
    • Gregory S. Burnick
    • Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Campbell
    • Scott D. and Kathryn A. Carano
    • Jason and Allison Cardew
    • Terry F. Conley
    • Peter Dahlberg
    • Sara M. and Brent M. Dolan
    • Andrea L. and Michael A. Dominowski
    • Glen and Kerry Donovan
    • Jason A. Drake
    • Angela G. and Paul E. Edwards
    • Michael J. and Christina K. Ferland
    • Eric V. and Lisa Formberg
    • Michael D. and Tricia L. Foster
    • Jason D. Gates
    • Douglas R. and Kathleen L. Geenen
    • John and Beth Grant
    • Steven and Marilyn Grant
    • James and Sarah G. Gunberg Family
    • Kevin and Cassie Hand
    • Jim and Laurel Harris
    • David H. and Lori A. Helisek
    • Kerri L. and Scott G. Heydens
    • Karen Holden and Dan Neely
    • Mr. Frederick T. Hondzinski
    • Alison B. Hooker and James P. Gillis
    • Mr. Oliver A. Jurkovic
    • Thomas M. Kaiser
    • William and Carolyn Kinney
    • Theresa Kluk Banka and Kenneth K. Banka
    • Kevin E. and Deidre M. Krause
    • Mariann G. Krieger
    • George and Nancy Krull
    • Melanie K. Krygier
    • Ying Lee
    • Jill Dempster Licata
    • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Mahoney
    • Ms. Todd Maneval
    • Stephanie S. Marianos
    • Nancy A. McCort
    • Mike and Cathy McNamara
    • Rebecca L. Merriman
    • Elizabeth A. and Terrence M. Meter
    • Steven M. Micallef
    • John and Terri Neuman
    • Bob and Martha Palmer
    • Jason P. and Jessica D. Parsons
    • Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Patten
    • Tom and Kathy Petroni
    • Michael Rennick
    • Charles and Patricia Roy
    • Elizabeth M. and Steven R. Rust
    • Luciene D. and Erik M. Schafer
    • Gerald Schemidt
    • George W. Smith IV and Vanda M. Smith
    • Stacy A. and Matthew Snyder
    • Patrick S. and Pamela Stewart
    • Richard K. Strohmaier, Jr. and Dana Strohmaier
    • James D. and Susan M. Tish
    • Vincent and Julie Tomkinson
    • James S. Trouba
    • John F. and Cathy H. Walsh
    • Gregory R. and Patricia E. Walthorn
    • William and Wendy White
    • Roger and Laura Wilkinson
    • Adam M. Wilson and Kathleen J. McCoy
    • Christopher W. Woll
  • Contributors of $500-$999

    Recognizing contributions to the Department of Accounting and Information Systems

    • Jeffrey J. and Marie E. Archambault
    • Christopher E. Barnas
    • Richard B. and Karen M. Bartram
    • Samantha L. Becker
    • Kevin O. and Lisabeth M. Benson
    • Douglas G. and Peggy A. Bohrer
    • Monica M. and Drew G. Bordner
    • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Burkhardt
    • James A. Cantin
    • Charles M. Carpenter and Sara Ramirez de Arellano
    • Kevin E. Carroll
    • Mark A. and Julie B. Choate
    • Christopher T. Corden
    • Gary L. Corona, Jr. and Theresa Corona
    • Janet R. Crooch
    • Melanie L. Crowther
    • Allison M. and Robert Dellapelle
    • Michael Diamond
    • William A. and Jane R. Dittmore
    • Kimberly L. and Andrew W. Doyle
    • Dori J. Drayton
    • Marvin R. and Marilyn A. Eckerle
    • Patricia A. Essex and Mark F. Asman
    • Shane C. Ferguson
    • Kevin M. and Jill Fiddes
    • George A. and Diane M. Fox
    • Ryan M. Giacolone
    • Don and Lise Graham
    • Christina A. Hardy
    • Susan M. and William M. Hermann
    • Jennifer A. Hoover
    • Mr. and Mrs. Ryan A. Horning
    • William C. and Sharon E. Jackson
    • Dawn R. and Dennis A. Jinsky
    • Traci A. Kriesel
    • John J. Kristan
    • Andre and Christina Lebaron
    • William A. and Jennifer G. Lichwalla
    • Ray and Kim Lombardi
    • Daniel C. Maher
    • Dara M. Marshall
    • Chad M. and Sinem McDonald
    • Charles L. McDonald
    • Kyle D. McKeown
    • Herb and Mary Ann McLachlan
    • Mary A. McLachlan
    • Scott M. and Karen S. McLellan
    • Timothy M. and Michele A. Monahan
    • Ryan T. Muneio and Brittany M. Young
    • Judith A. Murphy
    • David S. Nathan
    • David A. Oberst
    • Kenneth L. Pagel
    • John C. Pieters
    • Keith A. Piwko
    • Kurt B. Piwko
    • Laura Rasico-Stanza
    • Tracey M. and William R. Rau
    • Sarah Sacco
    • Joseph H. and Amanda Schroeder
    • Marcy L. Shepardson
    • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Smith
    • Scott S. Sneckenberger
    • Melanie A. and Leslie Tolle
    • Gregory P. and Sheri L. VanKirk
    • Michael T. and Sherra Vehlewald
    • Jacqueline A. Venier
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jon A. Walgren
    • Michael D. and Suzanne E. Wanstreet
    • Bob and Sandy Westphal
    • William J. Wolff
    • Jonathan G. and Catherine M. Wood
    • Jean M. Young and Donald W. Young, Jr.
    • Richard D. Young, Jr. and Carolyn Young
    • Gary A.  and Beverly A. Zell
  • Contributors of $100-$499

    Recognizing contributions to the Department of Accounting and Information Systems

    • Ryan M. Abdoo
    • Mark D. and Kelly M. Anderson
    • Matthew and Connie Anderson
    • James R. Antonino
    • Bruce J. Auten
    • Susan L. Auten
    • Carolyn J. Axisa
    • Rebecca K. Barann
    • Pamela J. Barber
    • Andrea M. and Justin R. Barnes
    • David M. Basile and Janice J. Gonzales-Basile
    • Matthew Z. Beale
    • William C. Bean and Jennifer E. Frushour Bean
    • Charlene Bego
    • Jeffrey A. and Laura L. Bennett
    • Kristi E. Bernhardt and John S. Atkinson
    • Jessica D. Bodis-Parker
    • Lauren Bodnar
    • Lauren A. Boehm
    • Colleen M. Boland
    • Barbara A. and Michael C. Bolton
    • Justin R. Bowman
    • Michael S. Brackenridge
    • Daniel W. and Margaret L. Brodbeck
    • Nicole S. and Bryant A. Bullen
    • Nathan T. and Andrea L. Burkhart
    • Gary W. Burns
    • Amy C. Butterfield
    • Ryan W. Byrne
    • David R. and Kera B. Callen
    • Brian J. and Amber M. Camiller
    • Mark J. and Emily Carrier
    • Judson A. and Wendy L. Caskey
    • Kyle J. Cawley
    • Jongwook Choi
    • Joyce E. Claflin
    • Jeffrey W. and Lori D. Clark
    • Mason L. and Suzanne G. Clark
    • Philip M. Clark and Heidi L. Griffin
    • Mary L. Clausen
    • Bryan and Renee H. Cloyd
    • Ryan D. Coe
    • Peter R. Colasanti
    • Eric M. Conforti
    • Susan P. Convery
    • Matthew J. Coursen
    • James J. Craig
    • Stacey L. Crawford
    • John E. and Gail J. Crichton
    • John J. Cumming, Jr. and Marilyn Cumming
    • Thomas P. and Jeanne-Marie E. Daly
    • Keegan S. and Kaitlin A. DeBoer
    • Ryan P. Defer
    • Bruce R. Delbecq
    • Gregory J. and Tammy L. Deppong
    • Mark R. and Rachel DeVries
    • Dennis R. and Sherry L. Diebolt
    • Thomas and Evelyn DiLisio
    • Pamela J. Dionise and Cynthia Musso
    • Julie M. Distler
    • Michelle C. Dittmer
    • Mario Donati
    • William F. Donehoo
    • Brian E. Doot and Megan E. Murray
    • Eric B. and Claudette E. Doyle
    • Janet E. and Alan M. Dunker
    • Marsha A. DuTour
    • James and Nancy M. Dykhouse
    • Miranda L. Eliason
    • Brock S. Elliott and Leah J. Ruddy
    • Howard O. Emorey
    • Joshua A. Engelkemier
    • Kelly M. Englert
    • Ryan D. Erdmann
    • Julie A. Erhardt
    • Tonya M. Evans
    • David A. Farkas
    • David F. Fetyko
    • Daniel J. and Jennifer Fiebelkorn
    • Timothy S. Flis
    • Diana N. Fluegge
    • Kathleen A. Foster
    • Brent A. Franey
    • Alison Frankel
    • Ari J. Franklin
    • Paul H. Freeman
    • Richard D. and Christina M. Frohock
    • Terry W. Fuller
    • Alisha M. Gibson
    • Deanna I. and Daniel C. Gifford
    • Brett F. Gladding and Laura K. Klein
    • Kristin E. and Douglas K. Golab
    • Daniel J. and Nicole R. Gould
    • Severin and Sharon Grabski
    • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Graham
    • Mallory K. Griffin
    • Kenneth G. Gross
    • Valerie S. Grunduski
    • Da Guo
    • Erin J. Guth
    • Elizabeth A. Gutowski
    • Julie M. Hansen
    • Ernest I. and Diane E. Hanson
    • Constintinos N. and Tedra Haratsaris
    • Stephen and Kimberly Harfenist
    • Dr. Jack and Mrs. Laurie Harkema
    • Craig and Sally Heavener
    • Stephen R. and Debra A. Heitmeier
    • Ann R. Henderson
    • William W. Henson
    • Kenneth M. Hermann
    • Roger H. and Dianne P. Hermanson
    • Cory E. and Gretchen Highfield
    • Tyler E. Hitson
    • Renee N. Hoekstra
    • Sandra B. Holcombe
    • Cathie J. and Patrick A. Holleran
    • Brandon M. Holt
    • Matthew A. Hotchkiss
    • Amy L. and Craig F. Hughes
    • Matthew M. and Laura E. Hurd
    • Sarah C. and Jeffrey A. Hurst
    • Nicole M. and Joseph M. Jabour
    • Patrick C. Jahnke
    • Kevin J. James and Jennifer Lowrie James
    • Craig A. Jaquette
    • Blake J. Jobkar
    • Bradley R. and Kathryn S. Jones
    • Mark A. and Margaret A. Jorgensen
    • James C. Kaczmarczyk, Jr.
    • Denielle L. Kearns
    • Alexis K. Kennedy
    • Mary A. and Zachary W. Kennedy
    • Daisy Mun King Ng Capetz
    • Amy S. Klein
    • Camille J. Klein
    • Donald J. Klein, Sr. and Julia M. Klein
    • Jeffrey H. Klein
    • Ross L. Klein
    • Michael J. and Marilyn Knilans
    • Derek B. and Darla M. Kolano
    • Mark D. Kost
    • Mr. and Mrs. M. Donald Kowitz
    • Andrew J. and Kathy J. Kramer
    • Edwin L. Krebs
    • Evan J. Krichevsky and Nancy S. Heller
    • Hans J. Kronsbein
    • Sara Krueger
    • Cathy N. and Keith E. Kunkel
    • India S. Lacy
    • Carol A. and Jeff R. Lamb
    • Jonathan S. Lanczak
    • Phillip D. and Gail B. Landers
    • Carol A. Lauffer
    • Brian A. and Jennifer J. LaVictoire
    • Kristi L. and Tuan T. Le
    • Frederick C. Leduc
    • Donald Leneschmidt
    • Ashley N. Lenzo
    • Eric J. Leslie
    • Brett J. Long
    • Marie L. Love
    • Donny M. Lucaj
    • Tyler K. and Brooke D. Luce
    • David A. Lucio
    • Michael J. and Maria M. Mackie
    • Robert R. Malmstadt
    • Allison R. Marchese
    • Thomas G. Marchese
    • Kelly A. Markosky
    • Mark L. and Christine A. Martin
    • Keith S. Martinez
    • Alan J. and Karen J. Maxey
    • Kelly L. McCarthy
    • Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. McCauley
    • Todd M. McClain
    • Marc T. McCurry
    • Charles C. and Dana R. McGovern
    • James C. and Nancy A. McKeown
    • Steven R. and Danielle M. McNally
    • Gary E. McVety
    • Nancy L. and Joseph D. Meconi
    • Mark I. and Patricia S. Menning
    • Michael J. and Michelle R. Merkel
    • James L. Merrifield
    • Andrew J. Mestdagh
    • Mr. and Mrs. Hamen G. Metheny, Jr.
    • Albert J. Mitchell
    • Jim Monnier
    • Philip D. Morrison
    • Bob E. Mosher
    • Craig D. Mueller
    • Colleen A. Muir
    • James M. Mulligan
    • Brian D. Myrick and Tracy J. Wiles-Myrick
    • Kerry L. Nachtrieb
    • Thomas Neubig
    • Gale E. and Kathleen F. Newell
    • Jennifer R. Nienberg
    • Michael L. and Susan K. Nuorala
    • Larry Oberst Family
    • Eric H. Obrecht
    • Steven J. Olds
    • Jeffrey S. and Sandra Olender
    • Emily Pachla
    • Joshua N. and Michelle E. Pad
    • Megan M. and Jesse R. Page
    • Jon D. and Renee M. Park
    • Mr. and Mrs. Jack D.C. Patrick
    • Patrick M. and Vicki L. Patton
    • Chris Pierce and Jon Pollock
    • Sarah E. Pink
    • Nicholas W. Quigley
    • Marie E. Racz
    • Tyler D. Radde
    • Kathleen L. and William Ramsey
    • Stephen D. and Margery Reh
    • Kori E. Reinhart
    • Thomas J. Repovz
    • Lisa T. Richards
    • Eric and Larissa Ringle
    • Richard A. Robrahn, Jr. and Kelly C. Robrahn
    • James D. and Teresa M. Roestel
    • Miles A. and Amy Romney
    • Kenneth Y. Rosenzweig
    • Julie E. and Glenn C. Ross
    • June and Brian Rudy
    • Jamie D. and Christopher B. Sanchez
    • Anthony E. Sasinowski
    • Michael R. and Judith R. Schaffert
    • Michael P. Scheetz and Gina L. Polce Scheetz
    • Michael S. and Heather J. Schmansky
    • Robin and Richard Schorn
    • Bonnie I. Schroeder
    • Harvey P. Schroeder
    • Tonya L. Scruggs
    • Melissa R. Seeback
    • Larry P. Seese
    • Douglas Shackelford
    • Jared M. Sheena
    • Roland J. Shelby
    • Michelle M. and John R. Shields
    • Bradley L. and Rebecca Shortridge
    • Ryan G. Sikorski
    • Beth Simon
    • Michael J. Sleva II
    • Jeffrey D. and Sara S. Smith
    • John E. and Yvonne Sorrells
    • Amy N. and Michael Spath
    • Anne M. Spykman
    • Michelle L. St. Ours
    • Cory T. Stadelbauer
    • David M. Stahl
    • Collin J. Stauder
    • Marie L. and Eric J. Stiegel
    • Kevin and Angela M. Stockmaster
    • John R. Suckow and Lynette M. Pline
    • Monte R. Swain
    • James R. Swenson
    • Teresa R. Talty
    • Daniel R. Taylor and Amy D. Andrews
    • Reed E. Taylor
    • Robert G. and Linda J. Theisen
    • Ryan T. Thornburg
    • David J. Thornton
    • Shelby L. Timmis
    • Cameron R. Tinsley
    • Staci A. Tobe
    • Paul W. Trahan
    • Shannon E. and Gerald Tuczak
    • Jeff and Margaret Tuori
    • David and Jane M. Vander Haagen
    • Katie L. Vangoethem
    • Mandy M. VanVelzel and Andrew D. Van Velzel
    • Katie M. Viviano
    • Richard D. and Amy C. Vogt
    • Mary A. and Ryan vonReichbauer
    • Robert J. and Patricia J. Walczak
    • Shawn C. Waldowski
    • Catherine M. and Brian C. Wallace
    • Michael S. Walsh
    • Eric S. and Shari A. Warezak
    • Terry and Mary B. Warfield
    • Jacob M. Warnick
    • Carl S. and Sharon A. Warren
    • Stuart A. Watson
    • Marian G. Weldon
    • Matthew J. and Tracy M. Wescott
    • Luke A. and Caroline J. Whittington
    • James H. Willett
    • Jeffrey S. and Janet K. Williams
    • Norman and Marilyn Wise
    • James L. and JoAnn B. Wittenbach
    • Jerome V. and Irene A. Wittkoski
    • Richard J. and Phyllis Wlodyga
    • Mikel A. Wojtkowiak and Shaunna L. Bradford
    • Danna Yu
    • Linda A. Yudasz
    • David A. Ziebart
    • Gordon P. and Natalie Ziegenhagen
    • Armani A. Zori
  • Other Contributors

    Recognizing contributions to the Department of Accounting and Information Systems

    • Koss A. Allen
    • Robert J. and Dianne Alpiner
    • David J. and Gloria J. Ambrose
    • Emily J. Anderson
    • Erik B. Anderson
    • Alexander L. Angellotti
    • Tristen P. Asmann
    • Maureen and Dominic Asta
    • David Atley III and Jacquelynn R. Atley
    • Anne M. Ball
    • Robert J. Bell
    • Scott A. Berlin
    • Andrew T. Binasio
    • Donald R. and Evelyn M. Bols
    • Thomas J. and Cheryl A. Bolt
    • Kelsey K. Boussie
    • Shane M. Brender
    • Kelly R. Briggs
    • Douglas P. and Janis K. Brining
    • Amy E. Buran
    • Sara L. Burkhart
    • Alison R. Burns
    • Zachary T. Burns
    • Anna M. Cece
    • Runzhi Chen
    • Dylan J. Ciccone
    • Justin S. Cohen
    • Alexandra J. Colletti
    • Nicholas S. Corbit
    • Amanda L. Cowan
    • Brennan J. Cowman
    • Daniel J. Crusoe
    • Andrew and Cynthia A. Cuccia
    • Jeanette Culler Roberts and George E. Roberts
    • Barth R. and Karen M. Dalrymple
    • Joyce Dark
    • Michael A. Diebol
    • Alexander W. Dietrich
    • Mary B. Dolohanty
    • Kara Drainville
    • Bruce B. and Nancy S. Dunn
    • Jason B. Durocher
    • Scott P. Dykowski
    • Nancy E. Eardley
    • Brian J. and Nancy Efrusy
    • Dale R. and Carole A. Faught
    • Joanna L. Fee
    • Cheryl A. Feldman
    • Philip M. Femminineo
    • Michelina L. Ferrini
    • Monika M. Fontaine
    • Robert J. Forte
    • Gabriel R. Foster
    • Jay and Lisa Francisco
    • Megan H. Frost
    • Lauren M. Furney
    • Amanda S. and Jessie Garber
    • Dominic A. Gaudino
    • Timothy P. and Erin R. Gauthier
    • Stanley and Nancy L. Gawel
    • Margaret M. Gill
    • Teyra B. Gillan
    • Jordan A. Godlewski
    • Jon E. Griesen
    • Angela M. Grimmer
    • Kendal W. Gumbleton
    • Rockwell T. Gust IV
    • Scott F. Haley and Kristine M. Scharrer
    • Alexis W. Hanley-Shenolikar
    • Yongchao Hao and Ye Zou
    • Emily E. Harrison
    • Marvin B. and Shirley J. Hasso
    • Kahliaha L. Henderson
    • Jared E. Henry
    • Steven B. Herron
    • Joseph P. and Amy L. Hogue
    • Evan N. Honour
    • Jennifer S. Hopp
    • Douglas B. and Darlene J. Hoving
    • Noel C. and Nancy L. Huyck
    • Alfredo J. Iafrate
    • Steven M. Ireland
    • Steven P. Jakubik
    • Clark J. Janisse and Maggie K. Palmer
    • Amanda E. Jaskiewicz
    • Kezheng Jia and Yina Ma
    • David and Tempe Johnson
    • Paul R. Jursinic
    • Jacob W. Justice
    • Patricia A. Jylkka
    • Christopher D. Kassab
    • Lawrence J. Kearney III
    • Ethan J. Keenan
    • Cameron T. Kleinheksel
    • Scott L. Kliman
    • Gerard W. and Anne E. Kohls
    • Justin M. and Jennifer T. Kolbow
    • Ryan B. Kolean
    • Carolyn A. and Kyle F. Kolka
    • Kevin M. and Margaret A. Konwinski
    • Barbara S. Kuchera
    • David and Inga Kuczera
    • John E. Kure
    • Eric E. Larson
    • Philip L. Lator
    • Daniel J. Lee
    • Gordon Leff
    • Melissa A. Leszczyk
    • Felicia A. Lewis
    • Hewei Liang
    • Jennifer L. Longo
    • Sydney T. Lubeck
    • Michael J. Machala
    • Vincent Mannino II
    • Anson C. Martens
    • James D. and Carol Marti
    • Philip A. Mather
    • Katelyn N. Matych
    • Christine A. Maurer
    • Jared S. Maurer
    • Sherry L. Mausolf
    • Tyler J. McCarl
    • Shannon L. McLaughlin
    • Brooke A. McMahan
    • Mariam N. Metti
    • Eli K. Miksicek
    • Kyle G. Miller
    • Bradley D. Montayne
    • Christina M. Morelli
    • Alison A. Mueller
    • Beth M. Munoz
    • Geoffrey D. Murray
    • Lauren M. Nalu
    • Marilyn R. Natchez
    • Alexander J. Nekritz
    • Michael S. Nichols
    • Mary M. and George W. Noel
    • Kozo Okamura
    • Thomas M. Olenski
    • Neal D. Olson
    • Sophia V. Othoudt
    • Michael D. Ott and Karen J. Hendrick
    • Aaron M. Parisho
    • Kathryn A. Patterson
    • Grant E. Phillips
    • Paul J. Pochmara
    • Brian D. and Kimberly J. Pollice
    • Jacquie R. Pollice
    • Daniel D. and Lisa M. Rasmussen
    • Suzanne V. Ray
    • Jacob M. Rayis
    • Brett M. Reardon
    • Daniel M. Reeves
    • Lucille P. Reeves
    • Alan and Natalynn Reinstein
    • Rodolfo R. Rendon
    • Yawar and Jillian E. Rizwan
    • Nancy L. Rooks
    • Connor A. Ross
    • Tyler J. Ross
    • Travis R. Rosswurm
    • Amanda B. Saad
    • Anthony J. Santoro
    • Marysue and Kenneth M. Sarzynski
    • Jack M. Schaubroeck
    • Dennis R. and Pamela J. Schmidt
    • Elizabeth A. Schrader
    • Scott B. Schramm
    • Scott J. Schwartz
    • Michael C. Shaner
    • Amy L. Shanks
    • Joanna M. and Ivan E. Shaw
    • Emily K. Sheeran
    • Jacqueline Sheerin
    • Arthur R. Sieting, Jr. and Nancy P. Sieting
    • Shawnee R. Smith
    • Michael J. and Susan K. Solner
    • Anthony J. Sorgi
    • Robert T. and Wendi K. Spagnuolo
    • Connor J. St. Charles
    • Raymond H. and Ann W. Steben
    • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Stoffer
    • Carter C. and Doris R. Strong
    • Suanne Stutzman
    • Patrick C. and Juanita Suchy
    • Katherine J. Sukes
    • Laura E. Sundt
    • Ramie L. Taher
    • Derek E. Tallo
    • Kevin D. Taratuta
    • Troy R. Teschke, Jr.
    • Ethel Teusink
    • Nicholas R. Thomsen
    • Daniel G. and Stacy A. Tines
    • Jennifer R. Trotta
    • Jeffrey M. Tsui
    • Shannon K. Tullar
    • Christian M. Upham
    • Douglas J. and Jennifer L. Upton
    • Casey M. Veach
    • James B. and Susan L. Verlinde
    • Lucas W. Visser
    • Max A. Wellinger
    • Joseph M. and Nicole M. Werner
    • Brittany M. Westrick
    • Daniel J. Westrick
    • Joslyn P. Wilcox
    • Ashley M. Wilkins
    • Jan A. Wilson-Cline and Gerry W. Cline
    • Kai Xu
    • Yifan Xu
    • Gabriel J. Yancho
    • Matthew R. Zakerski
    • Alexander R. Zerbo
    • Elizabeth A. Zezula
    • David and Suzanne Zimmerman
    • Cartier M. Zori
  • Contributing Companies/Organizations

    Recognizing contributions to the Department of Accounting and Information Systems

    • BDO USA, LLP
    • Auto-Owners Insurance
    • William Blair and Company
    • Cohen & Company, Ltd.
    • Crowe, LLP
    • Deloitte Foundation
    • Doeren Mayhew & Co., P.C.
    • The Dow Chemical Company Foundation
    • Ernst & Young Foundation
    • FMC Technologies
    • General Motors Corporation
    • Google, Inc.
    • Grant Thornton Foundation
    • KPMG Foundation
    • Maner Costerisan
    • Marathon Petroleum Corporation
    • Monsanto Fund
    • Phillips 66
    • Plante & Moran, PLLC
    • PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
    • Steelcase Foundation
    • Stryker Corporation
    • The Charles J. Strosacker Foundation
    • Thomson Reuters Foundation

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External Advisory Board

The Accounting and Information Systems External Advisory Board is comprised of leaders in the field of accounting. They hold positions in public accounting, industry, government and academia, giving them unique insight into the role our department plays in shaping the accounting profession. We rely on their guidance, advice and feedback, and we are grateful to them and the vital role they play in promoting MSU, our department and our students.

Headshot of Pam Balentine

Pam Balentine

  • CEO, Founder
    Viking CPA Group

Pam Balentine was born in Flint, MI and excelled through high school and graduated Valedictorian. She went on to earn her Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Accounting from Michigan State University. Starting her career at the prestigious EY in the Detroit office, Pam continued her career in auditing at various Fortune 500 companies. While working in internal audit, Pam started Viking CPA Group in March of 2013.

In November 2014, Pam relocated to Atlanta, GA and in March 2017, Pam took a huge leap of faith and went full time with her own accounting firm, where she services small to mid-size business owners, assisting them with their tax, accounting, and consulting needs. In addition to growing her firm, Pam also served as an Adjunct Professor at Kennesaw State University. Pam prides herself on being a value add to her clients and forming relationships…being the CPA with personality!

Mark Bierley

Mark Bierley

  • Chief Executive Officer
    Learning Care Group

Mark R. Bierley is Chief Executive Officer of Learning Care Group, the second-largest for-profit early education and care provider in North America. Learning Care Group operates more than 900 schools in 36 states, the District of Columbia and internationally. As CEO, Bierley is responsible for all aspects of the company’s strategy, leadership and operations. Mark’s career encompasses more than 30 years of executive financial and operations leadership experience. Before joining Learning Care Group, Mark served as CFO and Senior Vice President of The Pantry Inc., one of the largest independently operated convenience store chains in the U.S.  Previously, he held a variety of leadership positions at Borders Inc., including Executive Vice President, CFO and COO.  His experience also encompasses roles in the financial departments at Dunham’s Sporting Goods and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

Mark has a B.A. in Accounting from Michigan State University and an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan. He is a Certified Public Accountant.

Michael Dean

Michael Dean

  • Partner

Mike is a tax partner in the Chicago practice office of BDO USA.  He began his career with BDO in 2004 and has spent his career representing closely-held businesses and wealthy families in a variety of tax matters.  Today he splits his time between BDO’s Private Client Services group, where he assists family offices in understanding the tax implications of choices related to investment, philanthropy, and succession, and BDO’s Core Tax Services group, where he assists closely-held businesses in making tax-informed business decisions.  He is versed in tax issues germane to partnerships, S corporations, individuals, and trusts, and serves clients in industries such as technology, manufacturing & distribution, and healthcare.  Internally, he is a leader in firm recruiting and people development efforts.

Mike earned a BA in Accounting from Michigan State University (’04) and an MS in Taxation from Grand Valley State University (’07). He holds membership with the Illinois CPA Society and the Michigan Association of CPAs. He is active in the Chicago non-profit community and currently serves as vice-chair of the Chicago Literacy Alliance, an organization focused on improving the functional literacy of Chicagoland residents. Mike lives with his wife Alexandra, and their dog, Penny Lane, in Logan Square.

Head shot of Paul Edwards

Paul E. Edwards

  • Partner
    Plante & Moran, PLLC

Paul is a partner with Plante Moran.  He has more than 20 years of experience providing assurance, tax, and other business consulting services to closely held middle market companies.  Paul lead’s Plante Moran’s national food & beverage processor and distribution industry practice. He is known for introducing clients to opportunities that expose them to the full power of the firm. Clients enjoy Paul’s pragmatic approach to client service and the ideas he generates that extend well beyond traditional assurance and tax compliance work.  Which, in turn, creates new opportunities for client growth and staff development. He also has extensive past experience in the firm’s higher education practice, where he served as an assurance partner to various college and university clients for 10 years.

Paul has spoken at conferences for the Michigan ACG chapter and the Capital Roundtable in New York on issues impacting private equity-owned businesses. As a CPA, Paul is a member of the AICPA and the Michigan Association of CPA’s, and he serves as an advisory board member for 100 Businesses Who Care.

Paul earned his BA in Accounting Michigan State University in 1997.  He is actively involved with Plante Moran’s MSU recruiting team and enjoys providing guidance to MSU business students as they launch their professional careers.  While attending MSU, Paul served as a teaching assistant for ACC 201.

Head shot of Anne Farrell

Anne Farrell

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Professor of Accountancy
    Miami University Farmer School of Business

Annie has a Ph.D. in accounting from MSU (and her daughter is a recent Spartan accounting grad), an M.S. from George Mason University and a B.B.A. from the University of Notre Dame. Prior to her doctoral program, she was the manager of corporate financial reporting and a senior internal auditor for Gannett Co., Inc. in Washington, DC; an analyst for The Hearst Corporation in New York; and an auditor with Deloitte, Haskins & Sells in New York. Annie was also on the faculties at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and The American University.

Annie teaches courses in management accounting. She’s made several presentations on innovations in accounting education and won several awards for her teaching, including one as a graduate student at Michigan State. Her research examines how performance measurement and control systems can be designed to influence and facilitate effective and efficient decision-making within organizations, and it has been published in top research and practitioner journals in accounting, finance, and neuroscience.

Annie is a Certified Public Accountant (inactive) and a Chartered Global Management Accountant, and is a member of several accounting and neuroscience academic and practitioner associations. She has also served as President and Secretary/Treasurer of the Management Accounting Section of the American Accounting Association.

Headshot of Jeff Ficks

Jeffrey Ficks

  • Partner, Central US and Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility Restructuring Leader

Jeffrey Ficks is a Strategy & Transactions partner at EY with more than 20 years of experience in the automotive, commercial vehicle and commercial aerospace industries.  He has served in crisis management, turnaround consulting, transaction support, and corporate finance roles.  He has significant global restructuring experience with both in-court (including US Chapter 11, US state receiverships and UK administration) and out-of-court restructuring transactions under various insolvency regimes.  Jeff has also provided both buy and sell-side due diligence services for various Fortune 500 companies.  Jeff received his BA in accounting from Michigan State University and is also a Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor (CIRA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Member of the Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors (AIRA) and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Head shot of David Gann

David Gann

  • Chief Financial Officer
    United Road Services

Dave has been the Chief Financial Officer of United Road Services since 2017 overseeing the finance, treasury, payroll and administration functions.  United Road Services is the industry leader in vehicle and heavy-haul transportation services with a footprint that reaches across 49 states and headquartered in Plymouth, MI.  During his tenure he has overseen multiple accretive acquisitions enhancing the value of the organization, led flawless integrations while implementing numerous cost reduction initiatives.

Prior to joining United Road Services, he held various executive roles with Metaldyne Performance Group, a global Tier 1 automotive supplier.  Dave’s extensive finance experience includes oversight of all financial operations, financial planning and analysis, corporate divestitures and acquisitions, strategic planning and compliance.  His experience also includes several years with Arthur Andersen LLP in the Assurance and Business Advisory group providing financial statement audit services to clients in the manufacturing space.  Dave received his B.A. in accounting from Michigan State University.

Head shot of Jeff Hakala

Jeff Hakala

  • Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer
    Clarkston Capital Partners

Jeffrey A. Hakala is Chief Executive Officer and co-Chief Investment Officer of Clarkston Capital Partners, LLC, an investment management firm with offices in Rochester and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Jeff has over 20 years of experience in portfolio investment management and public accounting. Prior to co-founding Clarkston Capital Partners in 2007, Jeff served as a portfolio manager for Seger-Elvekrog, Inc. and Investment Counsel, Inc.  He served as a member of the Audit and Advisory Services Group of Arthur Andersen, LLP prior to his roles in portfolio management.  In addition, Jeff has held other roles as an associate adjunct professor for studies in financial statement analysis and as a seminar leader.

Jeff is a member of the Board of Directors of Conifer Holdings, Inc. and serves as a member of the Board and a member of the Audit Committee of Waterford Bancorp, Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business Administration from Michigan State University and is both a Charted Financial Analyst and a registered Certified Public Accountant.

Headshot of Shelley Hulgrave

Shelley Hulgrave

  • Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
    Penske Automotive Group

Shelley Hulgrave is the Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer for Penske Automotive Group in Bloomfield Hills, MI.  Penske Automotive Group is the second largest automotive retailer in the U.S., with additional transportation operations in the U.K., Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  She has also served as the Corporate Controller and other financial roles since joining Penske Automotive Group in 2006.  Prior to that, she held various positions with DaimlerChrysler Financial and Ernst & Young LLP in Detroit, including the Campus Champion for EY recruiting at Michigan State.

Shelley also serves as a Director for Oakland Family Services in Pontiac, MI.  Oakland Family Services focuses on prevention, education, and treatment services to help enrich the lives of children, strengthen families and help rebuild lives in the community.

Shelley earned her B.A. in Accounting from Michigan State University in May of 2000.  During her time at MSU, Shelley served as a teaching assistant for ACC 201.  She is also a Certified Public Accountant in the State of MI.

Headshot Rebecca Merriman

Rebecca Merriman

  • Partner
    Grant Thornton

Rebecca Merriman is a partner in Grant Thornton’s audit practice located in Southfield, Michigan. She is responsible for servicing a variety of clients including large privately held businesses and publicly traded companies. She also specializes in working with clients that have multiple international operations and employee benefit plan audits. Her experience includes providing services to public and private company clients in the automotive and manufacturing industry and construction, and privately held companies that are family or private owned. She most recently served as the audit partner for a publicly traded company that develops products based on advanced thermoelectric technologies for a wide range of global markets and applications. Rebecca coordinates several engagements involving Grant Thornton International affiliate firms and completed a two-year secondment in Dusseldorf, Germany in August 2012.

Rebecca earned a BA in Accounting from Michigan State University and an MSA from Walsh College. She holds membership in the Michigan Association of CPAs as well as the American Institute of CPAs. She serves on the board of directors of the Junior League of Birmingham and Vista Maria.

Headshot of Noel Dan

Daniel Noel

  • Partner

Dan is an audit and assurance partner with Deloitte based out of Midland, Michigan with more than 15 years of experience. In addition to serving public and private audit clients, he partners with non-audit clients in his role as a national technical accounting specialist to tackle their most complex technical accounting matters and transactions. In addition to serving clients across a broad range of industries, Dan leads the Deloitte audit practice recruiting efforts at Michigan State University.  As a manager, Dan was located in Detroit and spent two years in Deloitte’s national office in Chicago.

Dan has a B.A. in Accounting (2005) and a M.S. in Accounting (2006) from Michigan State University, he is a CPA and holds membership in the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He has been active in the Midland, Michigan United Way serving as a board member.

Head shot of Mike (Michael) Patterson

Mike Patterson

  • Partner

Mike Patterson is an assurance partner with EY and has 16 years of experience serving both public and privately-held companies and has a wide range of experience serving advanced manufacturing and mobility companies. He has advised companies on the implementation of new accounting standards and internal control initiatives, and assisted companies with SEC and other regulatory filings and coordinated multi-location audit procedures. Previously, Mike served as EY’s Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility Assurance sector resident working closely with EY’s audit teams on accounting and regulatory matters. Mike also spent two years in EY’s Turin, Italy office where he worked with a number of Foreign Private Issuer audit engagements on implementing SOX 404, and complex technical accounting issues.

Mike is involved with EY’s recruiting efforts and enjoys helping students make the transition from the classroom to their professional careers. Mike graduated in 2004 from Michigan State University with a B.A. and an M.S. in Accounting. He is a CPA and a member of the AICPA.

Ryan Setter

Ryan Setter

  • Houston Operations Cost Leader
    Dow Inc.

Ryan Setter is currently the Houston Operations Cost Leader, supporting Dow’s Houston Hub sites for any accounting or finance related matters. In addition Ryan also leads a team of 8 manufacturing cost accountants who support our assets in the Gulf Coast.

Ryan has held several different positions at Dow since he joined in June 2011.  He hired into the CPTC, after interning in the Cost Accounting organization in the summer of 2010. After 1 ½ years in the CPTC Ryan joined the Cost Accounting NEA Implementation team. During this time Ryan worked with a global team to implement our current SAP ECC system. In winter of 2015, Ryan moved to Texas to support the Hydrocarbons business at the Texas Operations site. While in Texas, he also was involved in the Gulfstream projects and the implementation of the new PDH plant. He was then selected to the CEO Exchange program and relocated to Mumbai, India for 6 months to assume the role of Credit Analyst for multiple Dow Businesses. Upon completion of the program Ryan moved back to Midland to and joined the finance reporting, planning & analysis team supporting Finance reporting and estimates.

Ryan and his wife enjoy many outdoor activities including camping, fishing, hiking, and skiing. In addition he likes to spend his free time playing basketball, football, and softball. Ryan earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from Michigan State University.

Scott Szalony

Scott Szalony

  • Partner

Scott is an assurance and advisory partner with Deloitte based out of Chicago, Illinois. His specializations include being the Canadian manufacturing industry leader, and National Service Offering Leader – Technology Enabled Solutions, focusing on digital transformation utilizing robotics process automations

and advanced analytics. He previously led the Chicago accounting and reporting advisory services involving complex accounting, new accounting standards implementation and life event transactions. Scott participates in the Office of Chief Executive Officer Partner Development Program, served on the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Global Service Innovation Board, and has extensive experience assisting Foreign Private Issuers with identifying differences between local accounting requirements and U.S. GAAP and drafting disclosure as part of annual SEC reporting requirements. Before his time in Chicago, Scott served as a partner out of Toronto, Canada and Midland, Michigan.  As a manager, he was located in Detroit and spent two years in Paris, France.

Scott has a B.A. in Accounting from Michigan State University, he is a CPA and holds membership in the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He has been active in the Midland, Michigan United Way serving as president, member of the executive committee, and audit committee.

Head shot of Wendy Trumbull

Wendy Trumbull

  • Director of Finance and Budget
    Charter Township of Canton

Wendy Trumbull is currently the Director of Finance and Budget for the Charter Township of Canton, currently the tenth largest community in the State of Michigan.  Wendy oversees the Township’s information technology and financial operations including preparation and maintenance of the Township’s $150 million annual budget, the annual financial report, centralized accounting, purchasing, and payroll.

Prior to her role with Canton Township, Wendy spent 15 years with Plante & Moran, PLLC, performing audits and consulting work for primarily non-profit and governmental clients.  Wendy graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and is a registered Certified Public Accountant.  In addition Wendy has spent time presenting financial topics to various external organizations including the Michigan Township’s Association, Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants, Municipal Employees’ Retirement System and Michigan Governmental Finance Officers Association.

Head shot of Jenny Wallace

Jenny Wallace

  • Partner, Audit

Jenny Wallace is an audit partner in KPMG’s Detroit office with more than 16 years of experience providing audit and related services. She primarily serves public and privately held companies in the real estate and manufacturing industries.  Her experience includes the coordination of multi-national audits as well as assisting clients with a variety of transactions and the related accounting considerations.  Jenny has experience providing audit services to organizations in accordance with PCAOB requirements, under both US GAAP and IFRS.

Jenny graduated from the Eli Broad College of Business with a BA in Accounting in 2004. From MSU, she joined the audit practice at KPMG. Throughout her career at KPMG she has taken on several important roles within the firm, including being an instructor for the firm’s national training program and an active participant in the firm’s performance management and mentoring programs.  Jenny also serves as the partner champion for the KPMG Michigan offices Employer of Choice Council where they focus on initiatives regarding recognition and appreciation, work-life balance, coaching and mentoring and teamwork.  Jenny has also served as a quality control reviewer as part of KPMG’s quality assurance program.  In addition, she oversees and supports the efforts of each of the Inclusion and Diversity groups within the Michigan offices.

Christopher Woll

Christopher Woll

  • Partner

Christopher is a partner in KPMG’s Midwest Mergers & Acquisitions Tax practice and is based in the Firm’s Chicago, Illinois office. Christopher joined the practice in March 2001. He currently advises clients on the federal income tax consequences of proposed acquisition, disposition, joint venture and financing transactions. In addition, Christopher advises various clients on the tax issues associated with distressed and bankrupt debt restructurings including net operating loss limitations, consolidated return attribution reduction requirements, and discharge of indebtedness income.  Before joining the Mergers and Acquisitions Tax practice in March 2001, Christopher was a Manager in KPMG’s State and Local Tax Group where he focused on various state tax issues such as business/nonbusiness income, unitary group membership, nexus, tax base and apportionment. Christopher’s educational background includes an LL.M. in Taxation from Chicago-Kent College of Law, a J.D. from DePaul University College of Law, and a B.A. in Accounting from Michigan State University.  He is a licensed CPA in Illinois.