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Creating opportunities for Broad students in transaction services.

Transaction Services (TS) activity including mergers & acquisitions, carve-outs, divestitures, and initial Public Offerings (IPOs) has seen a drastic increase in the marketplace over the past 20 years. The need for accounting professionals with a comprehensive understanding of transactions is imperative to the success and progression of the TS field and the overall health of the economy. The unique set of courses offered by Michigan State University (MSU) through the Transaction Services curriculum builds tailored skills for TS professionals and unpackages the various stages over the lifecycle of a transaction By completing the TS curriculum, students will gain insight into how TS accounting professionals are a critical element to success in all forms of transactions.


The goal of the TS initiative at MSU is to help accounting students develop the skills necessary to become leaders in the profession and create a lifelong community of Broad alumni who excel in the world of transaction services. By establishing a core curriculum of TS courses that emphasize the skills necessary to succeed in TS and building an ever-increasing alumni base of skilled TS professionals in the marketplace, we will be recognized as the leading educational program for transaction services.


Completing the TS curriculum at MSU will equip our graduates with the ability to differentiate themselves when pursuing careers in transaction services, gain exposure to real-world case studies and industry-leading professionals including networking opportunities, as well as lifelong connections to the Broad TS community.

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Curriculum Overview

The TS curriculum at MSU is unique in its approach to learning the critical elements of a transaction. Students complete core pre-requisite courses to build a base level of skills required to perform in the highly competitive world of transaction services. These skills will then be tested and refined through an immersive and innovative capstone course outlining the lifecycle of a transaction. The capstone course also provides the students with a unique experiential learning opportunity, working in teams and interacting with recognized professionals in every session of the course.

Skill Set Focus

  • Start-to-finish transaction accounting
  • Cash flow modeling
  • Diligence & valuation
  • Client relationships
  • Financial forecasting
  • Project management
  • Data analytics
  • Professional communication
I walk out of class every week with a new concept learned, a new M&A professional to connect with, and the feeling that what I have learned will help me become a better student & business professional.
M.S. in Accounting Student, Class of 2021

Qualifications Requirements

There are three separate avenues available for students to complete the TS curriculum at MSU:

  1. The Transaction Services Track of the Masters of Science in Accounting Program
  2. The Transaction Services Track of the Online Masters of Science in Accounting & Data Analytics Program
  3. The Transaction Services Online Graduate Certificate

To learn more about the application requirements, please visit the website for each of the programs described above.

The exposure to many dimensions of the M&A space is such a unique opportunity and I am constantly learning something new.
M.S. in Accounting Student, Class of 2021