Earn 12-15 credits in one of three specialized concentrations: taxation, public and corporate accounting, or information systems. Then choose 15 credits, nine of which must be in courses outside of accounting, from our comprehensive list of courses.

You must complete at least 24 credits at the 800-level and you must earn a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade-point average to receive your M.S. degree.

Students without an undergraduate degree in accounting may be required to take prerequisite business and accounting courses in addition to the 30-credit M.S. program of study.

Please refer to our descriptions of specialized concentrations, course requirements, and elective courses below.

For additional course information, please refer to the M.S. Course Scheduling Guide.

A description of all available courses can be found through the Office of the Registrar’s Description of Courses, while times and locations can be found through the Schedule of Courses.

Taxation (TAX) Concentration

If you plan to focus your career on taxation, this option is for you. Graduates with this option often work for CPA firms as taxation specialists. Opportunities in corporate tax departments, the Internal Revenue Service, state and local tax authorities, bank trust departments, and financial planning firms are also available.

Required course(s):

Public and Corporate Accounting (PCA) Concentration

If you plan to begin your career in auditing with a CPA firm or as an internal auditor in industry, you should select this option. It is also the best option if you are interested in corporate accounting, in which you primarily plan or prepare financial statements and deal with other financial accounting issues.

Please choose (4) from the following:

Information Systems (IS) Concentration

If you plan to focus your career on computer technology and other information systems issues, you should choose this option. Graduates with this option often work for CPA firms as consultants or as computer audit specialists. There are also many opportunities in industry and government.

MSU undergraduate accounting majors

All courses listed for the concentration below are required except ACC 821.

Non-MSU undergraduate accounting majors

ACC 821 is a required course. Select (4) additional courses from the following: