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Eli Broad College of Business

Faculty & Research

The faculty of the Broad College of Business are award-winning teachers and researchers, editors and reviewers of top journals, and former executives applying workplace lessons in the classroom.

They devote themselves to expanding their fields’ understanding around the world – and their students’ understanding in the classroom. Their efforts combine in numerous research centers targeting specific topics for focused inquiry and in experiential labs that provide real-world opportunities for students.

In their research and scholarship, they find more efficient and effective ways to make business happen.

Featured Research

Featured Publications

Roger Calantone, Yemisi Bolumole, and Steven Melnyk

“New Product Development in New Ventures: the Quest for Resources,” International Journal of Production Research.

Don Conlon and Jennifer Dunn

“When Vigilance Prevails: the Effect of Regulatory Focus and Accountability on Integrative Negotiation Outcomes,” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision.


Cornelia Droge

“The Effects of Standardization and Trust on Franchisee’s Performance and Satisfaction: a Study on Franchise Systems in the Growth Stage,” Journal of Small Business Management.

Tobias Schoenherr

“Goal Orientation and Preparation Process in Online Reverse Auctions: a Comparative Investigation Taking a Transaction Cost Economics Lens,” Transportation Journal.


David Closs, Fred Rodammer, and Yemisi Bolumole

“Supply Chain Management Opportunities for Regional Economic Development,” Transportation Journal.


Tobias Schoenherr

“The Effects of Cross-Functional Integration on Profitability, Process Efficiency, and Asset Productivity,” International Journal of Business Logistics.

Stanley Griffis

“Supply Chain Interdiction as a Competitive Weapon,” Transportation Journal.



Ed Outslay

“Risky Business: The Prosopography of Corporate Tax Planning,” National Tax Journal.

Zoran Ivkovich

“Empirical Determinants of Intertemporal Choice” Journal of Financial Economics.

Kent Miller

“Organizational Research as Practical Theology,” Organizational Research Methods.

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