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Broad College Employee Spotlight: Troy Walker

By Grace Griffin, student writer
Monday, February 26, 2024

Spartans are known for our determination to make a difference, and one way this ethos is brought to life at the Broad College of Business is through our employees. In this Broad College Employee Spotlight Q&A series, get to know the many passionate faculty and staff members across the college.

Troy Walker headshot

Troy Walker

Since 2023, Troy Walker has been the director of the Student and Industry Resource Center within the Broad College’s School of Hospitality Business — his alma mater. In 2012 he graduated with a bachelor’s in hospitality business, which led to his role as the front office manager of the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center from 2012 to 2021. He took on responsibilities like managing the office operations of the hotel and training students in hotel management.

At that time, he decided to become a Spartan student once again to sharpen his business skills, earning an Executive MBA in 2023. While studying, he became the business manager for the School of Hospitality Business, where he oversaw the distribution of over $300,000 in scholarships annually, worked as a fiscal officer and improved processing operations.

His dedication as an MSU student and employee has prepared him for his current role leading the SIRC and helping students who are on the very path he has traveled. Today, he works with external recruiters while partnering internally with the college’s Russell Palmer Career Management Center to streamline employer relations.

In addition to increasing engagement with industry partners, Walker is a faculty adviser to multiple student organizations. This work includes advising students on financial questions, internships and events to help them succeed in the industry. This extends to Walker working in the classroom as well. His assisting in hospitality courses and coordinating internships has been extremely beneficial for Spartans.

Broad News: What inspired you to begin working at Michigan State University?

Walker: The chance to give back to my alma mater and work with the next generation of business leaders! Being a Spartan brings me great pride. I love being able to help young Spartans identify a career path, gain experience through internships and use those experiences to secure high-quality employment upon graduation! Adding more Spartans in the world of business.

Broad News: What do you like most about being an employee at the Broad College?

Walker: Aside from the people, I enjoy the opportunities to hear from industry leaders during events like the Warrington Lectures and the Schmidgall Lecture Series.

Broad News: What motivates or renews your commitment to MSU on a regular basis?

Walker: I am motivated by the changes in the [hospitality business] industry and how we can keep up with — or stay ahead of — trends to best prepare our future leaders.

I love being able to help young Spartans identify a career path, gain experience through internships and use those experiences to secure high-quality employment upon graduation! Adding more Spartans in the world of business.

Broad News: What are you most looking forward to this academic year?

Walker: Helping HB students secure summer internships!

Broad News: What’s been one high point of your time at the Broad College?

Walker: Executing the School of Hospitality Business annual Career Expo, where 74 companies and 160 students arrived at Spartan Stadium on Oct. 16 and 17 to discover career paths for the first time! It was a high point because it is our main recruiting event for the year, and it was a success for students and recruiters. I’m excited to make improvements for future years to enhance the overall experience for recruiters and students.

Broad News: What is one fun fact about you?

Walker: I visited Singapore and Vietnam last spring with the Executive MBA 2023 cohort! Trip of a lifetime!

Broad News: What advice would you give someone new at Broad?

Walker: Make connections with people throughout the college, especially if they perform a similar function. This is a great way to build a network of resources that can help you in your day-to-day functions.

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