According to the website SuccessfulStudent, The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University is ranked as the number one hospitality business school at a public institution and number two overall in the nation.

According to the website, “the 25 Best Hospitality Colleges in the US ranks programs based on academics, real life and hands-on experience in a hospitality environment (such as a hotel or restaurant), program diversity, reputation, and any internship and career placement opportunities. As always at SuccessfulStudent, this ranking is considered from the student’s point of view.”

Located on the beautiful campus of Michigan State University, The School is a unique and industry-specific school within the Eli Broad College of Business. Established in 1927, The School has launched the careers of thousands of leaders in hospitality and service professions and transformed the landscape of hospitality education. The School’s nearly 800 undergraduate and graduate students actively engage in dynamic coursework, run industry-associate student clubs, spearhead special events, and learn hands-on through required internships that take them all over the world. Known for their Midwestern work ethic and excellent preparation, the students enjoy a 98% job placement rate upon graduation.

Internationally-recognized faculty members put students first, teaching and conducting research that results in a rigorous, well-crafted curriculum that meets the demands of the industry. A minor in Hospitality Business Real Estate Investment Management is available to students seriously interested in hotel development and asset management.

The School’s alumni are known around the world for having shaped the industry for generations. They return to campus to connect with faculty members and students, and they give generously of their time and money. They are a critical partner in building the number one public hospitality business education opportunity in the nation.

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