Accounting report spreadsheet. Business women using computer prepare business report for evaluation performance.The Eli Broad College of Business is launching an online Graduate Certificate in Accounting Analytics (GCAA).

“We consistently hear from employers the importance of project management and data analytics skills. These skills are the cornerstone of this graduate certificate program,” said Chris Hogan, Chairperson in the Accounting and Information Systems department and Russell E. Palmer Endowed Professor in Accounting.

The program is open to anyone with an undergraduate accounting or finance degree. Accounting professionals who seek to meet the 150-hour rule for CPA certification may be especially interested in this nine-credit online certificate.

“The program provides students an alternative avenue for meeting the 150-hour rule for CPA certification while learning skills that will jumpstart their careers, and it also provides working professionals an opportunity to update their professional toolkit,” Hogan said.

It’s a flexible program made to accommodate any student, especially those who want to continue to work while taking courses. Students can also start at any time, take classes in any order, and complete the certificate in as little as two semesters or take longer if needed.

Individual courses are also available for students to take without committing to the whole certificate program. For example, if a student is three accounting credits short to meet the requirements of the 150-hour rule, they could apply to the GCAA and take one of the courses to add the three credits.

The certificate program was approved in spring 2019 and welcomes its first class this summer.

Students can find more information and how to apply at