Did you know that 112 million Americans listened to podcasts last year? Big number, but not a big surprise. People want information, stories, and content around the clock.

The Spartan Bizcast logoWith a rapidly changing business world and an even faster news cycle, the Eli Broad College of Business launched Spartan BizCast, a podcast delivering timely business insight from experts in the field.

Spartan BizCast interviews faculty from Broad’s six academic departments on pressing issues and topics of interest to the general public, or timed to current events you see in the news.

The first episode, featuring Jason Miller of the Department of Supply Chain Management, explores the waves of trade and economic impacts hurricane recovery will have in Texas, Puerto Rico, and around the world.

The second episode, featuring Michael McCall from Broad’s School of Hospitality Business, discusses how the travel industry is responding to calls for heightened security and public fears following the tragic Las Vegas shootings.

Listen to (follow, and rate) the Spartan BizCast by downloading episodes on iTunes. They are also available on Google Play.