When it comes to business-to-business marketing, Broad College of Business researchers have been working like busy bees.

A recent benchmarking article published in the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing (JBIM) reports that Broad’s Department of Marketing was the second most productive marketing department in the area of business-to-business marketing over the past 30 years.

Roger Calantone

Roger Calantone

What’s more, the authors found that Roger Calantone, Eli Broad University Professor of Business and University Distinguished Professor, was the most productive and most heavily cited author in the journal’s 30-year history.

The analysis of JBIM publications demonstrates Calantone’s productivity and expertise, much like his seventy-some awards do. His research focuses on innovation and models of markets. “MSU was at the forefront of doing innovation work in the early 60s,” he explained. “The whole area of innovation has changed as it’s moved from big R&D to very nimble and agile teams developing products. Big R&D was heavy on the science and everything was a secret. Now, there’s the concept of open innovation, when people use crowdsourcing to get ideas for new products.”

Read more details in “Thirty Years of the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing: A Bibliometric Analysis” by Leslier Maureen Valenzuela, José M. Merigó, Wesley J. Johnston, Carolina Nicolas, and Jorge Fernando Jaramillo, published in volume 31, issue 1 of the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing.