Charles Fobbs Headshot Class of 2020

Charles Fobbs (MBA ’20)

As a Full-Time MBA student at Michigan State University, I have had so many incredible experiences. For example, I will be part of the first MBA class to graduate from the new Edward J. Minskoff Pavilion, which received the largest single donation in MSU’s history and has enhanced the Broad MBA experience in many ways. I have also had the great honor of being the Broad College’s MBA Association president for the past year, an experience I will always cherish. In this role, I’ve had the chance to help improve the program and its inclusive culture as a student representative.

But one of the most exciting moments during my time at Broad happened on Feb. 25, when the MBA Association elected its first African American woman president: Danielle Chatman-Moore. This is a big deal in that Danielle was elected by her peers — both first- and second-year MBAs. Throughout Danielle’s first year, she worked to make the MBA program a better place by speaking with students from both classes to understand what changes would lead to a more meaningful MBA experience for her classmates. From the day she arrived on campus, second-year MBA students who had never worked with her were buzzing about her potential as the next MBA Association president.

Danielle Chatman-Moore (MBA ’21)

“Danielle has staked her claim as a leader in the Full-Time MBA program, as her fellow candidates can count on her support and guidance in various ways. I’m continually affirmed that she will be the next business leader changing the game,” William Horton-Anderson, assistant director of the Full-Time MBA Program, said.

The night Danielle was elected, she quoted Michelle Obama: “Being president does not change who you are; it reveals who you are.” Danielle has been revealing who she is to her classmates since the day she arrived. I am happy to have Danielle Chatman-Moore as my successor and, more importantly, as my friend. I graduate knowing the Broad MBA at MSU is in good hands.