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Student organizations are the lifeblood of Broad’s Full-Time MBA program. Organizations connect students with prominent industry leaders, countless professional development opportunities and the ability to make a real impact during their time in East Lansing. Membership in MBA student-led organizations also empowers students to connect with one another around networking and program development, professional foci, diversity, social interests and common experiences.

MBA Association

The mission of the Broad MBA Association (MBAA) is to assist incoming MBAs with their transition into graduate school; to provide balance to the academic, career services and social activities of the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management; and to give Broad candidates a chance to build relationships with one another.

As the largest MBA student organization at Broad, the MBA Association provides opportunities for students to build personal and professional relationships beyond the classroom through association services, social outings and networking events. By maintaining this network of relationships, students will both enrich their lives and enhance their marketability as they seek future employment.


MBAA provides Broad MBA students many exclusive opportunities to expand their contact network outside of the classroom, as well as opportunities to engage in volunteer and community impact activities. Examples of just some of the annual events include:

  • Welcome back picnic
  • Corporate-sponsored football tailgates
  • Peer mentoring programs
  • International potluck dinner
  • Happy hours
  • Sparty Gras
  • Halloween party
  • Charity auction for Ele’s Place, a nonprofit organization for grieving children
  • Food Fight to benefit the Greater Lansing Food Bank
  • Golf classic

Executive Board

President: Charles Fobbs

Auditor: Santiago Montiel

Treasurer: Alec Schimpke

Secretary of Student Affairs: Edward Calihan

VP, Membership: Greg Skubick

VP, Corporate Relations: Colin Wilden

VP, Community Events: Jamari Brooks

VP, Alumni Relations: Elisabeth Dion

VP, International Relations: Zarina Tokhtaeva

VP, Fundraising: Lexi Lear

Broad Women MBA Association

The Broad Women MBA Association (BWMBAA) strives to enhance the MBA experience by providing students opportunities to build personal and professional relationships beyond the classroom. BWMBAA is proud to be an academic chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA). NAWMBA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing women into leadership. All BWMBAA members have access to a free NAWMBA membership, which provides benefits such as mentorship, networking, exclusive career fairs and access to the NAWMBA database.

Goals of the BWMBAA include:

  • Promote camaraderie among members through fun and informative events throughout the year
  • Provide professional enrichment opportunities that help members develop the skills needed to compete in the marketplace
  • Welcome incoming students with advice, information and assistance to help them excel at Broad
  • Continue the Broad tradition of community service by volunteering with organizations that support women in our community


Along with chapter membership in NAWMBA, the association has partnerships with other organizations:

Forté Foundation is a non-profit consortium of leading companies and top business schools working together to launch women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education, opportunities, and a community of successful women. As a partner school with Forté, we take advantage of webinars, job search boards, their national conference and other resources to ensure complete professional development.

InForum is a professional organization that combines strategic connections, proven professional development programs, a respected forum for new ideas, and original research to accelerate careers for women and boost talent initiatives for companies. We participate in InForum events throughout the year that provide opportunities to meet and create relationships with female leaders throughout the state and region. The regional support network for women in business is growing, and MBA students are part of it.

Executive Board

President: Chinyere Onimo

VP, Corporate Relations: Diandra Prutton

VP, Finance: Erin Pham

VP, First- and Second-Year Relations: Rana Haimout

Multicultural MBA Association

The Multicultural MBA Association is dedicated to fostering a community among ethnically diverse students within the Full-Time MBA Program. One of the major factors of choosing an MBA is to gain global perspective, interact with people from different backgrounds and enhance cultural exchange. The Multicultural MBA Association helps students form this bond.

The Multicultural MBA Association’s goal is to help members navigate the MBA journey. There are several annual association events aimed at preparing members for upcoming courses, job fairs/conferences, interviews and the challenges of being an MBA candidate.


An important element of the Spartan spirit is a sense of community and support. The association organizes events and social gatherings that bring students from diverse backgrounds together to celebrate, cherish and experience different cultures and the nuances of doing business in different global environments. Examples of such activities may include:


  • Welcome social
  • Onboarding for international students
  • LinkedIn and interview seminar
  • “Doing Business in …” series
  • Potluck/barbecue social
  • Diwali celebration


  • Corporate networking event(s)
  • Chinese New Year celebration
  • “Doing Business in …” series
  • Summer internship preparation seminar
  • Alumni panel

Executive Board

President: Pranjali Sadh

VP, Finance: Karthik Holla

VP, Community Outreach: Surbhi Sinha

VP, Professional Development: Sanchit Jain

Broad MBA Veterans

The Broad MBA Veterans (BMBAV) organization is dedicated to Broad MBAs who are united by the common experience of serving the people of the United States through military service. The organization has three core constituencies: current students, alumni and prospective students/applicants.

Members come from across the country and have been stationed across the world. Military backgrounds vary from artillery and infantry to linguistics and logistics, among others. Members have deployed in support of operations in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, and most have commanded troops in combat. Broad MBA veterans are committed to continuing their education and professional development as MBAs, while staying true to their values as veterans.

Executive Board

President: Travis Johnson

VP: Jaridd Leute

Secretary: David Karnosky

Graduate Supply Chain Management Association

The Graduate Supply Chain Management Association (GSCMA) is a student-run organization that strives to enhance the supply chain education and career opportunities for the Broad MBA students. The purpose of the GSCMA is to complement formal classroom education through student exposure to leading industry opportunities, practices and people, as well as providing a forum for student/faculty interaction.

In addition, GSCMA works with career services staff and Fortune 500 companies to organize events that provide members with the opportunity to network with recruiters. These events provide an opportunity for members to develop a network spanning fellow MBAs, industry and alumni, creating a lifetime of personal and professional relationships.


Membership in GSCMA offers students exciting academic and professional development opportunities, such as:

  • ISM student membership
  • Sponsored CSCMP certifications/conferences
  • Networking opportunities with SCM recruiters
  • Access to MSU alumni in the industry
  • Local and regional corporate treks to Fortune 500 companies
  • Industry site visits, including manufacturing site/logistics distribution centers of large corporations
  • Career fairs, including early attendance to annual supply chain career fair
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Working with faculty members
  • Community service opportunities
  • Guest speakers
  • GSCMA welcome back social
  • Internship experience panel

Executive Board

President: Ayla Olvera

VP, Corporate Relations: Arvind Meganathan

VP, Community Outreach: Karthik Holla

VP, Membership: Kartikey Rana

MBA Marketing Association

The mission of the MBA Marketing Association (MBAMA) is to provide valuable knowledge and experience to MBA Marketing students through information sharing and by providing access to marketing resources. In doing so, the MBAMA is focused on:

  • Promoting the image of the Broad marketing concentration to attract top students and recruiters
  • Creating networking opportunities to facilitate the search for strong marketing positions
  • Educating members to better equip them for their future marketing positions
  • Developing a social environment in which to share ideas and enjoy our time here at Broad


The MBAMA has a series of events throughout the year that fosters marketing career interests. Below are examples of events throughout the year:


  • Marketing internship search Q&A
  • Marketing mock interviews
  • Pong tournament fundraiser
  • Association meeting and executive board elections
  • Marketing trek


  • Marketing trek
  • Alumni speaker
  • Internship panel

Executive Board

President: Christian Opachich

VP: MaTisha Steele

VP: Tyler Krusic

MBA Finance Association

The purpose of the MBA Finance Association (MBAFA) is to increase the reputation and visibility of the Broad finance program. Through this association, we assist members in pursuing and understanding finance careers and industry knowledge while enhancing their career opportunities at employers such as investment banks, corporations, investment management firms, commercial banks, consulting firms and financial news institutions.

The MBAFA gives students many exclusive opportunities to expand their MBA contact network outside of the classroom:

  • Peer mentoring programs and events
  • Inside track to career conferences
  • Recruiter access
  • Finance alumni network
  • Happy hours

MBAFA also provides members with discounted prices for activities and events such as the Detroit trek, Chicago trek, and ACG Case Competition.

Executive Board

President: Diandra Prutton

VP, Corporate Finance: Bolor Erdenechuluun

VP, Financial Services: Elliott Lourie

VP, Treasury and Membership: Tyler Krusic


MBA Human Resources Association

The Broad MBA Human Resources Association was founded in 2011 to build a professional network of HR MBAs from Broad and to provide opportunities for professional development for members and all students in Broad’s top MBA program. The association hosts a negotiation seminar for all members of the Broad community. Other association events, such as the Excel mapping workshop and negotiations workshop, provide specific training and development for our members.

The Broad MBA HRA is always looking for new opportunities to provide value to members, both as current students and alumni.

Executive Board

President: Curtis Crosier

VP: Allison Harris

VP, SHRM Liaison: Jennifer Ly

Society for Human Resource Management

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has served as the voice of human resource professionals and students since 1948. Initially, the goal of the organization was to provide continued professional development opportunities for what was recognized as profession in transition, as well as to promote national networking and advance the interests of the profession.

Today, the profession is again experiencing growth and change. SHRM continues to serve as a source of information and a communication channel for members of the HR community. Currently, SHRM is the largest human resource management association in the world, with over 145,000 members, and the MSU student chapter is one of its largest student chapters.

Visit SHRM

Spartan Consulting

Since 1997, Spartan Consulting has drawn from the diversity and expertise of Broad MBA students to deliver high-value, custom-fit solutions to clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Spartan Consulting has helped more than 40 companies improve their businesses by optimizing their supply chains, rebranding their offerings, better understanding their customers or making the toughest business decisions.

As a student-run consulting company, Spartan Consulting provides smart, simple solutions by leveraging bright, innovative minds to create value for their clients who aspire to make business better. With access to cutting-edge management technology and research, Spartan Consulting provides the link between the classroom and the boardroom, developing strategic solutions in the areas of business strategy, finance and accounting, human resources, information technology, marketing, and supply chain management.

Visit Spartan Consulting

Broad Consulting Club

Broad Consulting Club (BCC) is a student organization that maintains a knowledge base of the consulting industry, offers resources and provides structured coaching to those who want to pursue a career in consulting. With increased emphasis on case interviews by a majority of recruiters, case analysis is an important skill not only for consulting firms but also for the industry in general.

BCC also provides its members exclusive networking opportunities with senior consultants at some of the top consulting firms across the United States.


Examples of events coordinated throughout the year include opportunities such as:

  • Case preparation workshop
  • Advanced case workshop
  • Escape rooms
  • Chicago consulting trek
  • One-on-one case prep
  • MS Excel for Consultants
  • MS PowerPoint for Consultants

Executive Board

President: Sanchit Jain

VP, Corporate Relations: Tony Felder

VP, Education: Patrick Schuiteman

VP, Membership & Events: Liz Cullen

Broad Net Impact

Broad Net Impact an independent chapter of Net Impact, a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1993 for students and professionals interested in using business skills in support of various social and environmental causes. It serves both a professional organization and one of the largest student organizations among MBAs in the world.

Broad Net Impact is run by Broad MBA students dedicated to the mission of social and environmental sustainability. Net Impact students plan and implement projects based on the needs and goals of the Broad College and the community while promoting the mission and offerings of the larger Net Impact organization.

From its central office in San Francisco, the organization supports more than 200 autonomous volunteer-run chapters and a membership base of more than 10,000, with programs and networking events centered on topics such as corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, international development and environmental sustainability. Net Impact’s membership makes up one of the most influential networks of MBAs, graduate students and professionals in the world. Members are current and emerging leaders in CSR, social entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, international development and environmental sustainability.


Broad Net Impact does a multitude of different activities throughout the year to promote sustainability, such as:

  • Sustainability education
  • Sustainability presentations
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Nonprofit consulting
  • Sustainability competitions
  • Net Impact national conference
  • Net Impact case competition
  • Sustainability industry veteran webcasts

Executive Board

President: Arjun Sharma

VP, Communications: Kartikey Rana

Treasurer: Suraj Samal

VP, Membership: Samuel Brobbey

Spartan Pride

Spartan Pride builds relationships between the Eli Broad College of Business student populations, faculty, staff, alumni, and corporations that are focused on LGBTQ+ awareness. Furthermore, we provide professional networking opportunities, promote a safe and supportive environment for students, faculty, and staff, and facilitate professional development focused on representation of LGBTQ+ individuals in business.

Spartan Pride is the first LGBTQ+ organization focused on the support and development of both undergraduate and graduate students in the Broad College of Business. With support from the Dean’s Office and the MSU campus, we continue the goal of developing stronger LGBTQ+ leaders in the world of business.

Benefits of Spartan Pride:

  • Networking
  • Company Recruiting
  • Representation
  • Engagement
  • Social Events

Visit Spartan Pride

Executive Board

Co-Executive Director: Ayla Olvera

Co-Executive Director: Austin Rademacher

Director of Graduate Affairs: Edward Calihan

Director of Marketing: Maddie Arnold

Director of Finance: Jacob Cendrowski

Director of Human Resources: Leah Krick


Spartners provides social activities, support and peer networking opportunities for MSU Broad MBA students and their families. Aiming to make the transition smoother and more enjoyable for couples and student families starting/going through an MBA program, Spartners is a great way to meet new friends and form a support network. Spartners membership includes MBA candidates and their husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, domestic partners, and their families!

The goals of Spartners is to:

  • Offer social events that represent all aspects of families, couples, and individuals with children.
  • Positively represent the MBA program and the greater Lansing community through diverse social activities.
  • Provide incoming and current students, spouses and children with an instant network of friends and activities.
  • Ensure that there is a place for everyone in Spartners, regardless of whether or not you have children or have moved here from another country.

Some Events Include:

  • Welcome Home event(s)
  • Halloween Parties
  • Lansing Lugnuts baseball game(s)
  • Parent’s Night Out
  • Winter Wonderland of Lights

Spartners is a proud co-sponsor of many MBA Student Organization events to help strengthen the MBA family!



Director: Ashley Day

Director: Trevor Leveille

Co-director: Charlie Kelly

Co-director: Shannon Kelly