Lynnette Cooke, Global CEO of Kantar Health, shared insights on consulting in the marketing research industry with the newest Master of Science in Marketing Research (MSMR) Cohort this past weekend.

As CEO of a global healthcare consulting firm and advisor to the world’s leading medical companies, Lynnette is an industry leader with her innovative thinking and business consulting.

Instructor in the MSMR program for the last two years, Lynnette has taken her 25-year career and turned it into insightful information to mentor students into becoming the industry’s future leaders. Throughout her lectures, Lynnette used a variety of techniques to engage students in real-life examples such as role-play between distraught clients and their consultants. She also focused heavily on active listening, pairing students with each other for listening exercises which gave them insight into how to be a good listener in the business world and how others can sometimes interpret how you listen to them.

Lynette’s lecture was based on how to fulfill client orders and request for proposals (RFPs). She shared knowledge with students on how to stand out from competitors while responding to RFPs by adding value to what their request is. Students did role-play between clients and consultants to learn how to decipher what value is to specific clients and create new ideas alongside each other.

Aside from teaching about communicating in the industry, Lynnette spent time exerting confidence into her class by creating personal identification exercises. Students spent time analyzing themselves to gain a better understanding of how to make their presence known in their future careers, when they should speak up or let others and what aspects of themselves are most important to share.

During her two days with the MSMR cohort, Lynnette instilled communication skills and knowledge of personal self that students will value for many years to come.