Since the beginning, the MS in Marketing Research program has focused on building long-term relationships with companies in the industry. With a long list of current partners on the advisory board, we are excited to announce our most recent addition, Ipsos.

Michigan State University The pioneer land grant collegeThe companies on our advisory board have a passion for marketing research and dedicate their time and resources to developing our students to be the next generation of industry leaders.

In doing so, they participate in events, research projects, and involving students in their company through internships, mentorship and job shadowing opportunities.

During 2017, Ipsos introduced Vibe!, an initiative to seek out the best talent by focusing recruiting on key universities. Beginning this fall, they will be bringing this initiative to Michigan State University and more specifically, to our amazing Market Research program!

Ipsos RDA President, Frank Forkin, will be joining the program’s advisory board, to work amongst other marketing research leaders to continue growing the profession and provide his take on the program’s curriculum and student experiences.

As some of our current partners do, Ipsos will now be involved in guest lectures and career fairs, both of which allow our students to develop their skills and opportunities.

We are extremely grateful for all our wonderful company partners, them joining with us is key to developing the next marketing research professionals and we can’t wait to begin working more closely with Ipsos. Welcome to the Spartan family!