A visiting scholar from Israel will have a temporary home at the Eli Broad College of Business this fall, bringing along cutting-edge ideas and examples from a global hotbed of entrepreneurship in technology.

Harry Yuklea

Harry Yuklea

Serling Israeli Visiting Scholar Harry Yuklea has spent the past four decades in the Israeli high-tech sector, working both as an academic and practitioner at the same time. He has collaborated with several universities in Israel, Greece, Argentina, Uruguay, and India, and has held leadership and advisory roles at various firms and agencies.

“Needless to say, we are very excited to have Harry join us for the fall,” said Ken Szymusiak, managing director of the Burgess Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, which is co-sponsoring Yuklea’s visit with MSU’s Jewish Studies Program.

Both students and faculty are eager to engage with Yuklea. “I’m keenly looking forward to meeting” him, said Broad College Dean Sanjay Gupta. “With everything one reads about on the global stage when it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation, Israel leads the pack in so many areas.”

Ken Szymusiak

Ken Szymusiak

Gupta said it’s a real plus to the Broad College to have someone with such an extensive background abroad “come here and share with us the exciting developments” in the greater world. “We’ll take that as we try to understand the ecosystems around entrepreneurship, around creativity, around innovation that exist overseas, and learn from that for ourselves and for our students.”

Yuklea will be the lab instructor for two special class sections of Business 190 this fall, Szymusiak said.

Those sections will be “focused on highlighting Israel’s emergence as a dominant player in technology-related entrepreneurship, as well as providing an additional global context to entrepreneurship activities, having spent significant time working with startups around the globe,” Szymusiak said.

Yuklea has worked in tech development and engineering as well as marketing, management, consulting, and investment. He has served as advisor to the Israeli National Economic Council, the Israeli Innovation Authority, and various agencies in Europe, India, and the United States. And he is academic director for several youth entrepreneurship programs in Israel and worldwide.

Most recently, Yuklea co-founded Quantum China-Israel Investment Ltd., a Chinese firm specializing in creating Israel-China technology joint ventures.

His areas of academic expertise include the economics of innovation, entrepreneurial finance, entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial policy design. Yuklea is expected to arrive in East Lansing during the week of Aug. 20.