Spend Matters™ a leading website on procurement and supply management recently published an article on “Supply Chain Issues: What’s Keeping Supply Chain Managers Awake at Night” a report published by Supply Chain Management: Beyond the Horizon.  Beyond the Horizon is a collaboration between Michigan State University Department of Supply Chain Management and the APICS Supply Chain Council.

Spend Matters logoMSU Supply Chain logoThe article discusses how the report found six key common topics that supply chain managers face from large, medium, and small businesses identified.  “The top issues identified in the report point to the rise of supply chain professionals playing a much more strategic role in the company” said Abe Eshkenazi, CEO of APICS.  Also discussed is talent and the challenges companies face of attracting talent with the right skill set to be successful in supply chain management. Once you attract the right talent the next challenge is retaining and developing those employees.

As for the future of Beyond the Horizon, “While originally, the project was supposed to be a two-year effort, Eshkenazi said he sees the initiative as an ongoing initiative where both organizations can continue to learn about top issues impacting supply chain professionals — information both MSU and APICS can use to improve curriculums for education and professional development.”

To read the full article follow the link: APICS, MSU Peport Shows Supply Chain Managers Facing More Strategic Business Challenges